1. K

    [NL] [SC] [FT] [ISO] PC ISO Ber - we can talk your preferred combo of runes

    I have 1 Lo, 1 Ohm, some Vex, some Ist. I've even got a few Mals and Guls if you're looking for those.
  2. Boxleitner

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PC ISO Ber rune for rune offers

    Hi, I'm offering Sur Ohm Vex for your Ber rune. We can discuss here.
  3. D

    [SC] PC wtb ber rune for 28 ist

    Want to buy ber rune for 28 ist ADD me on battle.net dukedinh#1516 Msg me on discord DukeDinh#9179
  4. C

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PS ISO Ber or Jah

  5. P

    [NL] [SC] PC WTB Almost any Infinity

    I am offering some of these things for a Ber or infinity. I have a 7ML Wind force, Soj, Ber (only for a built infinity of course) 15% Nightwing, unid Dfathom, Vex, and some light gcs, 2 elemental 24 lifers… Just wanting an infinity thanks!
  6. SKunKKi

    [SC] PC PS N Ber O Zod, 2xCham and 12 Ist/Or 21Ists

  7. Mrzonta

    [FS] Xbox PS Ber for best offer based on purediablo price guide

    Selling a Ber. I’m using the purediablo price guide for a best offer. Low offers will be ignored. Ber = 2.1 - 2.2 HR or 21 - 22 Ist
  8. n4styn8or

    [SC] [ISO] PS ISO - Ber Rune [Playstation]

    Have solid offer for it . Anyone have for trade?
  9. Mrzonta

    [FT] Xbox PS Ber for 20 Ist worth in runes

    Trading a Ber for 20 Ist worth In runes. Guide price is at 20-21. Xbox or PSN. Username MrZonta
  10. M

    [NL] [SC] PS Jah here for trade

    Looking to trade for a ber rune My PSN is silent_kilerr
  11. Mrzonta

    [FT] Xbox PS Trade Ber for Jah+

    Looking to trade a Ber Rune for A Jah plus other offer. I’m using the purediablo price guide for reference. PSN or XBOX. Ist= 2 Mal | 0.13 HR or 2 Mal Gul = Ist & Mal | 0.25 HR or Ist & Mal - 2 Ist Vex = 2 - 4 Ist | 0.5 HR or 3.5 - 4 Ist Ohm = 6 - 8 Ist | 0.9 HR or 6 - 7 Ist Lo = 11 - 12 Ist |...
  12. D

    [NL] [SC] [FT] [FS] PC Offer Ber Rune

    Looking for offers in ist runes.
  13. S

    [PC][Europe][SC] ISO Ber O Jah

    Hi looking for a Ber. Offering my Jah.
  14. A

    [SC] PC Paladin Torch 18/20

    18/20 Paladin Torch LF Ber or Jah
Estimated market value