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Hfire/Hshock Equipment/Skill Suggestions.

Aug 2, 2005
New York
Hfire/Hshock Equipment/Skill Suggestions.

Current Gear:
DREAM - 38 resist Kurast
DREAM - Bone Visage
DRAGON - Archon Plate
HOJ - Phase
Switch: CTA//Spirit
Belt: Verdungo's
Gloves: Dracul's or Bloodfist (up'ed)
Boots: Eth Sandstorm
Rings: Leech rings (one mana, one life, both combined adds about 20 resist all with other mods like str, dex, mana, and such.)
Amulet: Mara's

Charms: 5x 20 life, 5x 5% resist all, 1x Anni, 1x Hellfire Torch, 9x Combat

20 Resist Fire
20 Resist Lightning
20 Salvation
20 Conviction

I plan to use charge as my main form of attack.
Any thoughts or advice?


Apr 23, 2004
Sydney, Australia
Is this PvP or PvM? The type of build (Holy Fire+Holy Shock+Conviction+Charge) would indicate PvP, however you have leech items. Leech is worthless in PvP so I'd assume you're making this for PvE... but then why are you using charge instead of Zeal and stocking up on a full inventory of charms? I'm guessing it's ment to be for PvP, which if it IS;

- Dump the leech rings for the best stat or res rings you can find.
- You had better be anti-caster only as you'll have seriously trouble hitting melee. Actually you probably won't be able to take a beating from them eitehr with that hideous DR :confused:.

Assuming it IS an anti-caster PvP char, then just get the best rare stat/res rings you can and that's pretty good.
Aug 2, 2005
New York
Yes, this is a PvP. I will definately switch the rings, but there is no way to get DR on this guy. Also, anyone know of a way I could be able to duel everyone in a sense? I don't want to always lose to say a barb. If anything, does anyone also have an idea as to what kind of duelers can duel "everyone"?