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What features will entice you to play Diablo 4?

play diablo 4?

A thread kicked off in the Diablo 4 forums a while back asking what features would need to be included to entice you to play Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is a departure from the tried and tested Diablo ARPG formula. It’s now an open world, you’ll encounter other players, and the whole game world won’t be available to explore in the initial release.

On the other hand, Blizzard is also attempting to go back to its Diablo roots with a darker experience compared to Diablo 3, itemisation will differ, there’s now Paragon Boards for build variety, and even proper PvP. There’s a lot to think about and also to get excited about ahead of next year’s release.

In the thread, a variety of key factors have been mentioned when it comes to the reasons you would buy/play it. I’ve decided to revisit this thread because we now know a lot more about the game since the thread was started by In The Name of Zod.

In the poll below we’ve picked out some of those and want to find out what is going to tip it for you. Are the revealed classes a deciding factor? Is PvP important to you? Does the art style sway it? Pick the top three things from the list below.

Of the following, what three things will entice you to play Diablo 4?

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