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Watch this fantastic Diablo 1 Trailer Remake

Having recently completed Diablo 1 again as part of our ongoing playthrough series I am right in the classic Diablo zone at the moment. I was pleased to see a remake of the original Diablo 1 trailer created by Bence Monori appear. Bence is a graphic designer at indie game studio Forbidden Realms Studio. This new trailer even comes with new scenes.

What’s really great about this video is that Bence has managed to capture the feel of the original Diablo 1 trailer. The trailer is not flashy and modern but it has a real authenticity to it. The trailer also comes with new scenes including lurking creatures, angry monsters, and a roaring Diablo.

Check out the trailer below and a few shots (see below) showing Diablo and some of the other creatures created for this trailer remake. Great stuff!


Thanks Reddit

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