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Watch Elly and Rush revisit Diablo 1 Twenty Years On – Part 1

With the recent launch of PureDiablo, Rush and I decided that 20 years was a long enough gap for playing Diablo 1 and we should venture back into the depths. Neither of us have played it in all that time so going back was a little like playing it for the first time. It’s amazing how much you forget about the dungeons, monsters, items, and how the game mechanics functioned.

With Diablo IV promising to take more inspiration from the first two Diablo games, we thought the least we should do is refresh our memories as to what that could bring to IV.

We have filmed a complete playthrough with some commentary. We have edited out some of the more mundane tasks such as some of the lengthy visits to town. We’ve also removed sections where we re-ran the same levels to boost our character levels before heading deeper into the game. I thought those parts were too tedious to watch.

We’ll be posting the videos in parts starting with this first part followed by the rest over the coming few days. With most people now in self-isolation thanks to COVID-19, it might be nice to take a trip down memory lane.

Also, our new Youtube channel is up and running called PureDMG where all the future Diablo videos will be appearing. Please give us a sub while we get the channel up and running!


2 thoughts on “Watch Elly and Rush revisit Diablo 1 Twenty Years On – Part 1”

  1. After all these years… The first time I’ve actually heard Elly and Rush. Haha! Thanks for this unique content. It sure takes me back and will be quite a journey! I’m watching as I write this and it already comes across as so… raw and basic. Diablo scaled down to its core components.

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    • You are right it’s raw. That in itself is what makes it so appealing. Replaying it after all this time is a solid reminder of what the franchise should be at its most basic core. Glad you have been enjoying it. The rest of the parts are coming, Elly is busy editing them at the moment.

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