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Diablo 4 – The World of Sanctuary dev video

Join members of the dev team to find out more of what’s in store as you explore Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 - The World of Sanctuary dev video

Most of you who have been following the game closely will be aware of the different zones and environments in Sanctuary. A new video from Blizzard looks specifically at the world of Sanctuary.

In this video, the team talks about each zone and how players will experience and transition between zones. How each zone flows into the next making geographical sense.

The team also touches on the different monster families players encounter during their travels. This includes the different versions of the monsters in different zones to show how they have adapted to their environment. Oh, and yes, you can pet the dogs.

Also, remember that “By three they come” cinematic? Well, you’ll be able to go to that very same dungeon featured in the cinematic.

While most of this is already known, it’s well worth a watch as it features snippets of footage not shown before and it’s always great to the developers excited about the project.

To find out more of what’s in store, check the Diablo 4 Wiki.

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