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The Diablo Podcast / Vidcast Episode 8 – What is it like to be a Diablo streamer?

The Diablo Podcast Episode 8

This week’s podcast looks at the world of what it’s like to stream Diablo. HCXanth has gathered together streamers Mugglemama and Wolfcryer to find out more.

Mugglemama and Wolfcryer both stream on Twitch and Youtube and have gathered a core following of viewers. In this episode, they discuss how they started, why they started, the highs and lows, and some of their favourite moments.

If you ever thought you might enter the world of becoming a Diablo streamer or simply want to find out what drives them to do what they do, watch or listen to this week’s episode.

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Running Order

00:00:31 – Why did you get started with streaming?
00:03:27 – What do you expect from a Diablo 4 Collector’s Edition?
00:07:26 – What drives you to keep streaming?
00:09:41 – Does streaming make you anxious?
00:14:23 – What are the lowlights of streaming?
00:19:43 – What are the highlights of streaming?
00:28:24 – How much did you love playing Diablo 4?
00:30:41 – What gear do you need to start streaming?
00:36:32 – Are there benefits to “Partnership”?
00:39:54 – Random Diablo questions and discussion on Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

Check out Wolfcryer and Mugglemama‘s channels for more videos and their streams.

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