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The Diablo Podcast Episode 7 – MacroBioBoi D2R Ladder Season 2 Chat and Tips

The Diablo Podcast Episode 7

The Diablo 3 Resurrected Season 2 Ladder kicks off next week but are you prepared? Have you settled on a build? Perhaps you may want to rethink your choices after listening to or watching this week’s Diablo Podcast / Vidcast.

One of the key players when it comes to really crunching the Diablo 2 numbers is MacroBioBoi so we thought it would be useful to grab him before the season kicks off to share his tips.

HCXanth and MacroBioBoi discuss everything from how MacroBioBoi does what he does,  strange builds to try, how the Sunder Charms will affect your game, Hardcore, and more.

All previous shows can be found here if you missed any.

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Running Order

00:01:33 – MacroBioBoi shares his background and how he got started with Diablo 2.
00:04:47 – The Pacifist Sorceress Run
00:13:33 – How Sunder Charms will change your game.
00:18:50 – Back to the Maggot Lair
00:20:24 – A new ladder – Recommended builds to start with
00:23:14 – What not to start with.
00:26:10 – End-game builds.
00:27:23 – End-game builds people are not looking at.
00:34:16 – Hardcore builds. Dodge and block, how it’s changed. More builds.
00:48:49 – Last advice before the season starts.
00:54:10 – Streamer RNG. Or not? More Tips. Shop smart.
00:58:10 – Final outro and content creator experience.


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