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The Diablo Podcast Episode 3 – Diablo 4 August Dev Update Discussion

The Diablo Podcast

Welcome to The Diablo Podcast Episode 3. Blizzard recently dropped the latest Diablo 4 developer update and in The Diablo Podcast Episode 3, HCXanth, N3rdwards, and Neinball discuss its contents.

The main focus of the update was monetisation and how Blizzard plans on funding what will be a live service game. This week the team takes a closer look at what Blizzard is proposing with cosmetics, the shop, Season Pass, paragon boards and more.

The team also discusses how what is being proposed compares to other games, what Blizzard has got wrong in the past with monetisation, as well as thoughts on pricing for various shop options.

According to our currently running poll, the majority of you are happy with what’s been revealed so far.

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Running Order

  • Start – Introduction – Welcome back N3edwards(00:00)
  • What did we expect from the quarterly update? (02:01)
  • Opinion on monetisation in games (05.59)
  • The concept of paying for cosmetics (16:52)
  • How POE compares to what Blizzard is proposing for Diablo 4 (24:12)
  • Lootboxes? (25:52)
  • Nothing on Itemisation as yet but why? (30:37)
  • Why nothing on Stash tabs?(35:24)
  • Seasons in Diablo 4 (45:00) Paragon boards (52:00)
  • Season/Battle Pass discussion (58:40)
  • Rush tokens (1:04:42)
  • The shop (1:08:52)
  • Monetisation price points and what you would pay (1:18:46)


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