Diablo IV Mounts

Hawezar Mounted Sorceress

Blizzard revealed Diablo IV mounts at BlizzCon 2019, the first time mounts have been added to a Diablo game. In Diablo IV we have what is effectively an open world to adventure in once the main story has been completed. Although waypoints will still be available for faster travel, mounts will allow players to traverse the regions of Sanctuary much faster. The initial release of Diablo IV will include areas of Sanctuary reaching from Scosglen…

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Diablo IV Mounts and Their Place in Sanctuary


One of the new features touted at BlizzCon last year was the addition of mounts for the first time to a Diablo game. Following the game’s reveal and presentation, it was apparent Blizzard was taking a new approach to the world of Sanctuary but how will mounts fit in the world? We take a look.

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Gears of War studio head leaves to join Diablo IV team

Rod Ferguson Diablo IV

Some big news for the Diablo community has surfaced. Rod Ferguson who has worked on the Gears of War franchise since its inception fifteen years ago and was the current studio head is now heading to Blizzard to look after the Diablo franchise. The news comes via Tweets from Ferguson announcing his departure and his joining Blizzard which will start in March.

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Diablo Press Desk

Diablo 4 Logo

The Press Desk highlights all the major announcements and information for Diablo IV and the Diablo franchise going right back to Diablo 1. This list is updated as soon as new information about Diablo IV is released. Date Type Title Synopsis 2019 1 Nov BlizzCon Panel Diablo 4 Systems & Features Panel Transcript. Tim Ismay, Senior Producer. David Kim, Lead Systems Designer. Angela Del Priore, Lead UI Designer. Zaven Haroutunian, Lead Dungeon Designer. Joe Shely,…

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Diablo IV Announced

Diablo 4 Logo

It’s been a long time coming but Blizzard has finally announced Diablo IV. Last year fans of the franchise were disappointed that a full Diablo game was not announced but this year Blizzard revealed what could possibly a change in the right direction for the franchise. Diablo 3 was criticised for many things, whether it was the visuals, the itemisation, story, well the list goes on. Blizzard plans to make amends with Diablo IV and…

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