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Which previous Diablo classes do you want to see return in Diablo IV?

So far we have three classes announced for Diablo IV, all classes that have previously appeared in Diablo games. Blizzard has yet to reveal who else will be added to the roster or whether completely new classes will be added. Assuming at least one other Diablo IV addition is from the previous games, who would you choose to return?

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Diablo Games Classes

Prior to the release of Diablo IV, a total of 14 classes have been playable. Many of the classes have appeared in more than one game or expansion with the Barbarian appearing in every version of Diablo if you include the Diablo 1 Hellfire expansion. For details on the Diablo IV classes follow these links: Overview Barbarian Druid Sorceress Rogue Previous Games Rogue Sorcerer Warrior Bard (D1) Monk Barbarian (D1) Amazon Barbarian (D2) Necromancer (D2)…

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Diablo 4 Classes

Diablo 4 was announced with five classes, three of which have already been revealed. The Diablo 4 classes announced so far include the Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, and Rogue. These first three classes were announced at BlizzCon 2019. The Rogue was announced at BlizzConline in February 2021. All of these four classes have already appeared in previous games in the Diablo franchise. The Barbarian has appeared in every single Diablo game albeit unofficially in the Diablo…

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