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Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin Hammerdin v1.10


Introduction Hello! First of all, notice that this guide is based upon my experiences playing with this build through the 1.10 beta patch, and I’m writing it to help those people willing to try the Hammerdin out for the first time, or having trouble playing with one in this patch. I’ve decided to post my progress through the game too, so you have something to compare yours to, I hope you enjoy this character as…

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Diablo 1 Guide: Tackling Diablo


Diablo is the end boss of Diablo and Hellfire, and must be killed to earn “dots” of rank on Battle.net. In multiplayer he isn’t worth more experience than a regular monster, and doesn’t drop special items, but he’s still fun to kill for the challenge of it. This page covers strategy techniques, ways to pick up his drop, tricks and tips, and much more. Basics Diablo is found in a closed square on the lower…