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Diablo 2 Guide: Superdaves Glove Crafting Guide

Guide by: SuperDave -

Diablo 2 Guide: Superdaves Glove Crafting GuideSuperdaves glove crafting made easy (ya right!)

Crafted gloves can spawn with very desirable mods….godly gloves would include +2 bow/passive skills +20ias….with possibly leech/resists/stats.

The two most commonly crafted gloves are hit power and blood gloves….the formulas for all crafted items can be found at the Arreat summit site here….

The formula for crafted hit power gloves is Magic Chain Gloves/Heavy Bracers/Vambraces+Ort Rune+Perfect Sapphire+Any Jewel

the resulting craft will always have the following mods….KNOCKBACK + 5% Chance To Cast Level 4 Frost Nova When Struck + Attacker Takes Damage of (3-7)

The formula for crafted blood gloves is Magic Heavy Gloves/Sharkskin Gloves/Vampirebone Gloves + Nef Rune + Perfect Ruby + Any Jewel

the resulting craft will always have the following mods….Crushing Blow (5-10)% + (1-3)% Life Stolen Per Hit + (10-20) To Life

At ilvls 71+ the gloves will also have 4 additional mods(affixes)…the maximum # of suffixes OR prefixes that can spawn is 3 so there is a chance of 1 prefix/3 suffixes, 2 prefixes/2 suffixes, 3 prefixes/1 suffix appearing on the glove in addition to the above fixed mods.

The ilv of the craft is equal to half the lvl of the character(rounded down) + half the ilvl of the magic glove(rounded down)….if the amount is lower than 71 there is a chance of getting only one, two or three additional affixes.
the input ilvl of the magic glove can be determined by the area it dropped in…for example the pit is an area lvl 85 so gloves dropped by a regular monster will be ilvl 85….champions/bosses/uniques drop at slightly higher lvls in this same area.

You can also gamble gloves…it is impossible to determine the EXACT ilvl of the magic gloves you gamble because they will vary by -5/+4.

This is where it may get a bit confusing so I will go over a few definitions.

ilvl is item level
qlvl is the base item level
alvl is the affix affix has a set alvl which an item must reach in order to spawn a certain affix(suffix or prefix)
all items have alvl's which depend on its ilvl and qlvl

It is actually the alvl that determines what mods can spawn on the crafted gloves. For anyone interested the actual code for alvl is here….

A complete list of affixs that can spawn on gloves follows…this is taken from…which seems to have the most up to date info…

Affix which can be attached to Gloves (Except Magic Only)
forgive me if the tables get messed i will do my best to sort them out!!

lvl of items and of the crafter is very important when making a good pair of gloves….you might want to take some time to determine exactly what mods you hope to get on your gloves….then use the proper lvl character to do the crafting….too low and the mods you want cannot spawn….too high and you decrease the chances of the mods you want spawning because there are more mods available to spawn….please do yourself a favour and crunch some numbers….you may have a better chance to craft the gloves you need with a lower lvl char.

It is interesting to note that “fixed” magical affixes(that come standard on the craft) will stack with regular affixes that may spawn on the glove(life leech for example)…it is also possible to have two procs on hitpower gloves…the fixed 5% Chance To Cast Level 4 Frost Nova When Struck plus one of the above sorc skill procs.

In all other cases it is only possible for one mod from each group # to spawn…so it is impossible to get a pair of gloves with +3 skills…for instance the +1 fletcher’s AND +2 bowyer’s prefix.

To sum up…the maximum alvl of the craft should be kept to 71 or lower…this will prevent the spawning of undesireable charges such as freezing arrow and it will increase your chances of better mods appearing on your craft … will also prevent you crafting a pair of gloves with very high character lvl req….it would suck to craft a godly pair of hit power gloves with a character req of 90+!!!

rlvl is the lvl required by the character to use the skill and the formula for required level on a crafted item is the highest requirement(rlvl) of item and mods + 10 + (3*number of random mods)

Gloves crafted at lvl 62 will ensure that all nasty charges are removed from the available affixes….but then the ilvl for chain gloves(if you use them) would fall just under the magic # 71 to always get 4 affixes when crafting…instead there is an 80% chance of 3 affixes and only a 20% chance of the maximum(4)…RTB recommends that for bracers and vambraces an ilvl of 81 is best so for gloves found in the pits(from a normal monster mlvl85) a character lvl 58 for chain gloves and 78 for bracers/vambraces is best…the best clvl to gamble chain gloves is 69 and 79 for bracers/vambraces.

This is an excellent link (when its working)

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