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Submit a Diablo Strategy Guide

Guide by: PureDiablo Staff -

Submit a Diablo Strategy Guide

Are you ready to share your Diablo guide with the community? Simply add all your content into the form, attach an image if you like, and send it in. Your guide is entered into our system and will be authorised for publication as soon as possible. Note that all guides will be checked by the Strategy Compendium team before publication.

Remember, take care when writing your guide, and double-check your post before hitting submit.

Tips for Diablo guide submissions

  • The submitted guide must be the author’s own work.
  • Adds something new (or updates / corrections) compared to the existing guides in the PureDiablo guides section.
  • A new guide that updates an older guide must credit the original guide’s author.
  • Guides should be clearly written without too much jargon. Make your guide as clear as concise as possible.
  • Use full names for items, eg. Harlequin Crest rather than “Harly” or “Shako”.
  • Guide not recipe. Suggest a number of equipment options. “I did the build this way” is not a guide, it is a Mat/Pat thread.
  • Provide a skill layout, preferably with some indication how to add the points as the player plays through the game.

The PureDiablo team will edit guides for formatting and grammar mistakes only. We will do our best to make your guide look great!