Diablo 2 Guide: Lightning Trapsin

Thought I’d throw together a general guide to building a lightning Trapsin pointed towards solo play. First question might be, Why a Trapsin? Trapsins in 1.10 have a very nice combination of attacks in the lightning skills, a really nice backup fire skill, access to a corpse explosion skill, and a nice minion for tanking and handling some immunities that give the Trapsin trouble. She can be played untwinked without much trouble and is not in need of a whole lot of high-end gear to be at her most effective setup. A great first character for getting a taste for this game and finding a few items to get other characters started. Given that last statement, this guide will focus on playing an untwinked assassin through the game. Gear suggestions will be general. If you’re looking for a guide that states in absolute terms “use this claw with that helm and this armor”, look elsewhere.

To start things off I’ll say that there are two valid build ideas for the lightning Trapsin that I’m going to describe. One makes use of Charged Bolt Sentry (hereafter referred to as CBS) for boss killing rather than just as a synergy to Lightning Sentry (LS). The other uses a higher level Death Sentry (DS) for more corpse explosion radius and leaves the CBS points as a synergy bonus. My personal preference is for the first option, but I’ll lay both builds out for you. Their gear suggestions and stat point recommendations are the same, but the tactics are slightly different. Abbreviations

Burst of Speed – BoS
Charged Bolt Sentry – CBS
Cloak of Shadows – CoS
Death Sentry – DS
Fire Blast – FB
Lightning Sentry – LS
Mind Blast – MB
Shadow Master – SM
Shock Web – Sweb
Weapon Block – WB

LS/CBS/FB build

20 Fire Blast (FB)
18 Shock Web (Sweb)
20 CBS
20 LS
9 Shadow Master (SM), the target here is to cast her at level 17
1 point into DS, Fade, Weapon Block (WB), Cloak of Shadows (CoS), Mind Blast (MB)

Total skill points needed: 96
Character level needed to complete (all skill quests done): 85
Place to put points once build is complete: DS

Damage counting +8 to trap skills
FB 1385-1700
CBS shoots 10 times, 11 bolts per shot, 3-477 damage per bolt
LS 5-3214 per shot, 10 shots

Skill point plan

Level 1-11*: 5 FB, 1 Sweb, 1 Claw Mastery, 1 Psychic Hammer, and 1 Burst of Speed (BoS).
Level 12-23**: 8 CBS, 1 WB, 1 CoS, 1 Fade, 1 Shadow Warrior
Level 24-30***: 9 LS, 1 DS, 1 MB, 1 SM

* Includes normal Den of Evil
** Includes normal Radament
*** Includes normal Izual

Beyond level 30 max LS first, then CBS. That will put you in your early 50’s. I’d suggest alternating between Sweb and FB until those reach the target goals.

The reason for only 18 points into Sweb? It’s only there to provide more bolts for CBS. You get 1 more bolt per shot with CBS for every 3 points placed into Sweb. Going to level 20 would not give any more bolts and Sweb itself is not used, so no need to max it out.

All throughout this you can feel free to give a pt here or there to your SM if you feel she needs a boost. You can get by without doing that if you take some time and shop for the gear suggested below. The casting target level of SM is 17. At level 17, the SM gets all of her rare items. Another approach is to cast her with a target level of 11 when she has all rare items except for one ring and her amulet. 8 +shadow skills is not at all unreasonable to figure on as 6 of those +skills can come from shadow claws. Those are claws with the +3 shadow skills mod on them and they can be bought from vendors in nightmare level once your character reaches level 50. That only leaves 2 more skills needed from your armor, helm, or amulet. That’s not at all unrealistic.

I’ll go into it more when I discuss equipment and IAS, but I run Fade as the primary aura with my Trapsins as opposed to BoS. IAS is of very limited use to PvM Trapsins in my opinion.

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