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Diablo 2 Guide: Javazon PvP v1.10

Guide by: TinnCann25 -

Introduction To PVP Javazon

Diablo 2 Guide: Javazon PvP v1.10This is a guide for a Player vs. Player charged strike and lightning fury Javazon. This build is designed to reach 9k+ charged strike damage and 3.5k+ lightning fury damage and become a formidable dueler in pub and clan dueling games.

Stat Point Distribution

  • Strength- It is important for you to place enough strength hit 156 mark at the end of your +strength gear
  • Dexterity- Enough to achieve max block with stormshield or enough to wear you javelins (if you choose to use faceted shields instead of stormshield)
    • make sure you put points into dexterity every level, because your block will drop.
  • Vitality- Every last point
  • Energy- nothing

NOTE: with +strength and dexterity gear you will look naked, which is awesome!

Skill Point Distribution

Javelin and Spear


  • Dodge/Avoid/Evade – 1 point into each of these, these skills are why amazons don’t get hit in duels.
  • Critical strike – 1 point
  • Pierce/slow missile – pierce is necessary for dueling necros and druids with summons and slow missile is good for ranged attackers, amazons
  • Valkyrie – not a PvM build, ignore

Break Points to consider

  • Fhr 52/ 86 (the 86 break point is amazing. I would suggest you hit it if you can).
  • IAS 35 is enough but the next is 46.



Only three options: Tstroke and Titans and a magical Javalin

Titan’s Revenge– Optimally upped and eth, titans are huge in team duels because of their stack size and regeneration ability. They are ok for 1 v 1 but Thunder stroke is better. Remember you cannot repair eth titans, so if they run out you wait.

Thunderstroke – Absolutely godly with its added damage, 4skills is necessary. However only 80 javelins and no regeneration means you need to repair, About 8k gold per repair.

Magical – Optimally would be a 6 to jav skills and 40ias javelin, but this will cost you around 100 hrs because it only spawns in 1.08, 6/30’s spawn in 1.11, but are still rare. These javelins will dish out the most damage in the character screen, but missing the mods on tstroke and tgods.


Stormshield – This is optimal, recommended, necessary, and all of the above. Percent damage reduction and resistance and block. Down side is no addition to skills.

Spirit – This is a mediocre choice. It has the resistance, faster hit recovery and skills, but lacks anything too special. This will give you mediocre survivability and mediocre damage. Stormshield if you want to live long and faceted shields for most damage.

Faceted monarch – absolutely amazing with deflection mod. Gives you block and huge damage. However lacks the percent damage reduction from stormshield and the resistance from both shields above.

Jeweled Monarch – It has been suggested to socket 4 15resis all/15ias jewels in a shield. Not a bad idea. However make sure you will benefit from the 60 ias, and that it could not be substituted by different items. Note you will not have pdr or fhr from stormshield and spirit respectively


Griffons – no question. Facet it and you won’t be disappointed

120/45 – More of a bowzon helm, but have seen it used effectively because of its speed and additional physical damage.

Rare – 30frw/sockets for facet/ 2 skills makes this somewhat decent, but is extremely expensive, again a bowzon helm.


Highlord’s Wrath – lightning resistance and skill and IAS. This is your amulet against anything you need damage over speed for and when you need the light resistance.

Cat’s eye – your default amulet, the faster run/walk is absolutely godly for an amulet. You run up to anything and you run away from anything

Mara’s Kaleidoscope – For the skills and resistance obviously. I would take either of the above over this but it gives you more damage and more survivability so its definitely an option

Nokozan Relic ammy – your amulet for anything that has fire damage. I used this against a psn necro to negate the fire golem pulse. Use it!

Rare – If you choose to use enigma, it would be a great idea to get a zon ammy with a lot of cast.


Chains of Honor – skills, resistance, percent damage reduction, and +strength

Enigma – its got strength and skills, but you will lack resistance

Jeweled Armor – same as the jeweled shield idea.


Thundergod’s Vigor – Cheap and good. Gives you 40 stats and a beefed up lightning fury

Verdungo’s Hearty Cord – get one with 40vit (same as the strength and dexterity bonuses on the tgods) cause percent damage reduction doesn’t matter after stormshield and coh. It has the faster hit recovery to make you shine.

Rare –faster hit recovery, life, resistance and +strength. Craft one (this could be amazing)


Rare – 3jav skills and 20ias

Rare – 2jav skills and 20ias and resistance/ dexterity/ strength


Sandstorm Treks – get them eth =p faster run/walk is low, but has faster hit recovery

Waterwalks – you got the life and the dexterity, but lacks faster hit recovery and faster run/walk

Shadow Dancers – 30frw 30fhr dexterity. Very nice choice, if i didnt need the 15 str in treks I would switch. Rare – 30frw 10fhr with tri resistance… find this then give it to me =p


Default set up – 20dex ravenfrost with bk ring

  • Damage – 2 bk rings
  • vs. Cold – 2 ravenfrosts
  • vs. Fire – 2 dwarf stars
  • vs. Light – 2 wisps

Weapon Switch

Spirit and Call to Arms


9 Javelin grand charms (Optimally a combination of faster run/walk and lifers, and faster hit recovery to hit breakpoints)

  • Annihilus
  • Amazon Torch
  • small charms – get faster run/walk with resistance, Fhr are useful to hit breakpoints. I will explain lifers later in this guide.

Variant: Enigma Build

Interesting approach to a Enigma based PVP Javazon (Sechler’s build, I think)


  • Enigma instead of chains of honor
  • FCR gear such as magefists and fcr rings
  • Switch Gear
    • Hoto+spirit on switch (for faster cast rate and resistance)

Strategy is just to switch teleport to dodge then when your close switch and poke with charged strike.

Tactics for PVP

(* = easy, ***** = hard) (All tactics assume that you are using the default ring settings as well as have max block)

Important Note – Lightning bolt does more damage than Lightning fury and will be more effective if the dueler has no minions and is clear of walls. For convenience sake I will use Fury (LF) exclusively in the text below, but remember bolt could be more effective in some circumstances.


Remember to spam the lightning fury. If you hit you will reduce their energy shield/ life or just kill them right there.

(***)Cold sorcs remember that their range is lower than fire and light, but they will hit you often, end this duel quickly by running up and poking. Back off if they teleport then shoot lightning furies. These duels end in a poke or a hit with lf. Blizzard duels are easier. Move out of blizzard until you catch up to them. If they blizzard themselves jusy run up to them and poke.

(****)Fire/light sorcs, require a lot of running and lightning fury. Dodge their spam while shooting lf, watch for a mistake when they teleport too close. With 5frame fhr you can tank and poke them at the same time. However if you do not hit 5frames do not try, you will get recover locked before you deal enough damage. Try to run around behind them if you have 6frame fhr.


They will absorb the hell out of you… Or they will be cake

(**)Smiters – get some fhr. If they have low light resistance just stand and poke them a few times. If they have high light resistance run and hit with lf until their manageable in a few hits with cs. If they absorb you… good luck…try and see if you damage them if you don’t just save and exit or unhostile

(***)Hammerdins – these are fun. Lightning fury them when they are spamming. If they teleport on you, back off downwards then come right back and poke them. If they desynch, just name lock them and cs when they hit you. Normally you can tank 1-3 hammers

(*****)Foh – End the duels quickly run at them then cs. If you stop and lf you might be wasting a lot of time. Enigma javazons will have a lot easier time with this.

(****)Aura dins – Run and end fast.


Easy duels unless they absorb

(**)For all barbs – press R then stand shift cs until they die in 2-5 hits. Holy freeze is about the most effective trick against you but same strategy even if they hf. don’t run or move because they will hit you more. When a barb ww’s over you, every bolt from cs will hit and they will die.


(*)Bows – chase them. When they shoot, press R to walk. When they run you run. If they run faster spam Lf, but still run after them. Remember to walk when they shoot and you will be fine. As soon as you catch up they are done.

(-)Javzons – Run. Lightning fury until they have a manageable amount of life, where you can poke them once or twice to kill.


Whirlwind or traps.

(***)Whirlwind – same as ww barb except they might have mb and traps for tricks, ignore them. If they mb when your far away lightning fury while stunned, if they use traps just run past them. Fhr is important for these duels. (** to ****)Traps – same as above except that they die in 2 hits max. Watch out if they tele a lot…if they do then you have to be careful and lightning fury. They will stick to their traps so use that as an advantage. IN other words stay back and spam into the traps. Treat them as sorcs if they play offensively

Druids and necros

(****)Wind Druids – When they are using tornado it is extremely hard to land a cs hit because of recovery from all your skills. Try to catch them off guard. Remember only go for the kill after minions are down and armor is damaged. If you have 5frame fhr this will not be as big of a problem. Use lf to eliminate spirits summons and weaken armor. If they are down to little health using lf instead of lb will be more benefitual since lf does some physical damage and lb absorbable by phsyclone armor.

(****)Bone Necros – A good necro is incredibly hard to duel. A necro with bone prison is incredibly hard. The most important thing to remember is lf will kill these guys more often that cs. Also if they stack light immune revived monsters, you will have no chance.

(*)Fury/summon – fury is just poking and summon is just lf =p

(*)Poison necros – They bring you life down fast, so run and kill them before they get that last life point

My Javazon

Stats (when naked without anni)

  • Str-64
  • Dex- 133
  • Vit – 333
  • Energy – 15

Resistance (default set up cats/bk/raven) (I twinked the gear a bit since last update)

  • 75/75/75/75


  • 25/20 griffons
  • Cat’s eye / other amulets
  • Perfect wirefleece chains of honor
  • 24fhr 20str resistance belt
  • 200ed Thunderstroke
  • Stormshield umed (looking for a 15ias/15resis all jewel for this)
  • Bk/raven/other rings
  • 14/15 ethereal treks
  • 2jav/20ias/14dex/other stat gloves
  • 9 javelin Grand Charms (35/35/34/28/7frw/7frw/7frw/12fhr)
  • 6fhr to hit 5frames, 4frw with resistance
  • 18/16 anni
  • 20/18 amazon torch

NOTE: In an economic standpoint it may be the most benefit to maximize life and frw to have frw gcs and life scs. For example say you have a 1 35 life java gc and 2 3frw scs. If you change the scs to 20 life scs and the java gcs to a 7frw, then you will have 40life and 7frw instead of the 35life 6frw from before. However you will be giving up resistance on the small charms.

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