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Stolen Artifice Quest has been stolen by Blizzard

Stolen Artifice Quest has been stolem

While the game has been pretty smooth so far, there are issues cropping up and this is one of the. Be warned, the Scosglen Stolen Artifice quest has been stolen by Blizzard temporarily.

The team has disabled the ‘Stolen Artifice’ quest line in Scosglen until our next scheduled hotfix. We do not have a current ETA on that hotfix but this will lead to players not being able to fully complete the Scosglen zone until this is addressed.

We appreciate all the reports regarding this specific quest and will update everyone once a hotfix is ready and deployed.

Hopefully, these kinds of bugs get sorted reasonably quickly before the masses join next week. Perhaps we’ll see a more sizable patch for the next launch phase to address quirks.

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