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Stay Awhile and Listen Free Excerpt and Books to Battle COVID-19

Author of the Stay Awhile and Listen book series on the history of Diablo and Blizzard North, David Craddock, has released a lengthy excerpt from the books. The free to read excerpt covers the atmosphere of the levels and demons leading up to the encounter against Diablo. This has been released to help battle the COVID-19 outbreak.

This special offer and excerpt has been made available as part of his Story Bundle. The bundle has been put together for a good cause and features 10 DRM-free digital books for $15. The offer and runs through the end of April. A portion of all proceeds will go toward Doctors Without Borders. This is to help aid medical professionals as they battle COVID-19.

If you have not read any of David’s books then I suggest you give these a look. His Stay Awhile and Listen series focusing on the first two Diablo games are a great insight into the creation of these two classics by Blizzard North.

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