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Spiritborn Class Revealed – Pets are here!

More details are coming soon on the new class but here’s the first information.


As we suspected based on previous datamining leaks, the next class coming in the Vessel of Hatred expansion is the Spiritborn.

The official class reveal appeared in Blizzard’s own video following the trailer in the Xbox Showcase.

The Spiritborn are described as “Apex predators” and we will see the class in action for the first time on 18 July. Mercenaries have also been confirmed and the Spiritborn pre-order comes with a War Cat mount. Yes, we’ll be riding cats.

In some surprise news, pets are coming to the game as of right now. These pets will be your companions and even pick up gold, a request we’ve seen from the community time and time again. Also, if you pre-order now, you can get your hands on other pets.

Watch the Spiritborn Announcement

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