Sony Reveals Playstation 5

Yes, yes, I know Diablo is primarily a PC franchise but it will be appearing on the next-gen consoles. Today it was Sony’s turn to reveal their next console, the Playstation 5, along with a load of new games coming to the platform.

The design of the PS5 is quite slick with its curvy white look. There were more than 20+games revealed today too, some new titles and some returning franchises which was to be expected.

Diablo 4 will appear on the PS5 at some point but as it’s some way off it was never going to be part of these next-gen reveals. Still, always good to see what’s coming down the pipe if you prefer playing on a console. Keyboard and mouse all the way for me I’m afraid, none of this controller nonsense 😉

You can check out all the new trailers and the new games in our forums.


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