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Seasonal [6] Greater Rift Video Watch #11: Season Start

Greetings all and welcome to the next installment of the Seasonal [6] Greater Rift Video Watch. With the new season already underway and the meta shift with some builds better than others let’s see where we stand as of May 9th.

Featuring videos by Desolacer, Quin69, wudijo, Joebo444, and Empyriangaming.

Desolacer: [Diablo 3] S6 HC – Demon Hunter – GR81 (Rank 1 EU) – LoN FoK

Check below for the other videos.

Quin69: S6: GR82 “Hundred Punch Monk”, R1 Clear! – NEW BUILD!?

wudijo: [S6] Rank 1 World DH – Tier 89 Solo

Joebo444: Rank 1 GR91 Witch Doctor

Empyriangaming: [Diablo 3] Season 6 GRift 111 4man rank1 world

With a new season beginning the power creep will be crazy with all the changes. If you want to see past greater rift video posts check here.