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Season 4 unique drop tables

Wondering which bosses drop the new stuff? Here’s the table.

Season 4 drop table

If you’re dashing around on the PTR or are simply wondering where all the new lovely uniques are going to drop, we now have more details of the Season 4 unique drop table.

Hello PTR Wanderers –

We wanted to provide the drop tables for new uniques coming to Season 4 and the bosses you can find these drops on the PTR.

Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint

World Tier 3 and 4
Barbarian – Twin Strikes
Druid – Earthbreaker
Rogue – Saboteur’s Signet
Necromancer – Ebonpiecrer
Sorceress – Flameweaver

Lord Zir

World Tier 4
All Classes – Yen’s Blessing
Barbarian – Arreat’s Bearing
Druid – Wildheart Hunger
Rogue – Scoundrel’s Kiss
Necromancer – Cruor’s Embrace
Sorceress – Fractured Winterglass

Echo of Duriel & Echo of Andariel

World Tier 4
Uber Unique – Tyrael’s Might

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