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Revisiting Diablo 1 Twenty Years On – Part 2

Part 1 of yesterday’s adventures in the world of Diablo 1 with Elly and I left us ready for the Butcher. Part 2 is now available for your viewing pleasure. Well, we hope it’s pleasurable.

After not having played the game for so long we thought the Butcher would be a breeze. Our last encounter with this iconic Diablo monster was in Diablo 3 and he wasn’t too hard to take down. The Diablo 3 Butcher was more predictable in that, like most modern games, you’re stuck in one room watching for the boss telegraphs. In this first game, everything follows you wherever you go, unless you can distract or sneak a quick turn round a corner.

I have a real dislike for modern game mechanics that keep you in an enclosed space with a boss throwing out telegraphed moves. It’s just not as invigorating or dangerous compared to the enemy hunting you down through a level. In that respect, Diablo 1 really gets the adrenaline going with a real sense of danger. Diablo 3’s bosses just didn’t do it for me I’m afraid, and more recently, my experience with Wolcen bosses was more than infuriating.

Anyway, I digress. Here’ part 2 of the action. If you missed Part 1 then check that out first and the rest will be coming over the next few days or so. Don’t forget to subscribe to our new Youtube channel.

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