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Revisiting Diablo 1 Part 4 – Welcome to the Catacombs

With the Skeleton King disposed of, we decide to head deeper into Diablo 1 and finally make our way onto a new tileset. Next up is the catacombs with their tighter corridors, locked doors, and annoying monsters.

I have to admit we were both looking forward to a change of scene now that the Butcher and Skeleton King had been vanquished. The catacombs span numerous levels and the monsters we mainly encountered were the goatmen. These monsters will be returning for Diablo IV.

These guys drove me nuts playing as a warrior, specifically the archers which are designed to run away. With no increased movement speed, you move at the same speed as them. This means chasing them down until they reach a corner. The other method was to ignore them and lure them back. Either way, this would have been really annoying of Elly had not been playing the Rogue.

It’s at times like this you realise how much you miss being able to run and why Blizzard North added running in Diablo 2.

Right! On with Part 4. You also know the drill by now. Subscribe to our new Youtube channel where we promise never to introduce any videos with “What’s up Youtube?” or something similar. That’s a PureDiablo promise!

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3 thoughts on “Revisiting Diablo 1 Part 4 – Welcome to the Catacombs”

  1. I haven’t watched the whole thing, so sorry if you mentioned it at some point, but be careful not to go in melee combat vs those Black Deaths. They will permanently remove 1HP on hit 😀

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  2. And watch out for the shrines unless you know what they do 😀 Also – never use cauldrons since those give you a random shrine effect, and since a lot of shrines are actually negative, it’s a rather big gamble to use one.

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