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Revisiting Diablo 1 Part 3 – The Skeleton King

The Diablo 1 adventure continues today with the third part of our playthrough. After disposing of the butcher and running around in circles a lot, it’s time for the Skeleton King.

The Skeleton King, like the Butcher, was tougher than either of us remembered. This was the first point in the game where it was time to actually take leveling up a little more seriously. Our first attempt at the Skeleton king did not go well so it was back to running around a bit to level. In this video, we have removed the re-running of the early levels. Watching us re-run the same level is not exactly exciting.

Having to level-up more was a wake-up call for what was to come in the deeper latter levels. It’s easy to get complacent on the first few levels leading up to the Butcher after you polish him off.

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3 thoughts on “Revisiting Diablo 1 Part 3 – The Skeleton King”

  1. Not again! It’s so painful to watch you kite 😀

    You’re mainly missing because of your angle. Try to always move straight along the squares, i.e. straight north/east/south/west when you’re kiting. I don’t mean straight up/down/left/right, but along the direction of the walls if that makes sense..

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  2. I should add that I play D1 with an old friend once a year (if life allows) and have done so for the last 15 years or so, so I never truly get rusty at this game. So my expectations when seeing someone else play might be a little unfair.

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    • Haha. No I get it. Seriously, it was like we had never played the game. It’s been that long. Kiting is a pain in the ass but that’s what happens when you try push ahead too fast. It becomes a tactic.

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