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PureDiablo Discord is Now Live

We are living in strange times right now with this COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you may have chosen to self-isolate which can be a lonely experience if you are on your own. Today we have kicked live the PureDiablo Discord channel to bring the community together and it will be a place for live Diablo chit-chat here at PureDiablo.

Back in the good old days, we ran a pretty huge IRC channel for the Diablo community. Times have changed and Discord is the popular comms app of choice. The site team has been using Discord for quite a while to get the site setup and today we are opening the channel to everyone. As we start to ramp things up here at PureDiablo this will a good place to meet other community members as well as the forums.

Moderators and staff will be on-hand to answer questions or simply chat. We hope to see you all in the channel. To join the Discord channel, use this Discord link and you will be added to the server automatically.

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