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PureDiablo Changes Explained

PureDMG PureDiablo Article

For the past couple of weeks, I have been reshaping things here at PureDiablo and our other sites. Most of what’s been changed has been in the backend but I thought an explainer might help people get to grips with the changes.

When we launched the site, this was our first foray back into videogame coverage for a couple of years. PureDiablo was our priority to get up and running, because, well, it’s a community we have been part of and loved for decades.

Since the launch of PureDiablo, we’ve also covered Cyberpunk 2077 and more recently Elden Ring. When we launched PureDiablo, we thought that would probably be it, but as we were playing other things before D2R surfaced, we thought we might as well write about other games we were playing too.

With all that in mind, it meant the user system became a little fragmented. We always wanted to encourage the community here to utilise anything we may put together in the future while we waited for D2R and Diablo 4. Whether it was other games or just general videogame chit-chat. This is quite a tight-knit community and we appreciate everyone uses different places to get their gaming into, whether it’s Discord, Youtube, or Reddit. With that in mind. we also hope some of you will have made use of other sites and the general forums too, after all, we’re all here for one thing and that’s gaming.

News and article comments have always been a pain for people. Comments were also going into the forums and users often didn’t know if they were logged in or not to comment. That has now changed as I will explain below. We have finally settled on a solution.

PureDMG Account  – How it works

Login from the sites.

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been changing the user system to be able to operate across all current sites and any future sites we decide to create. All the user accounts on any site are now centralised around a user’s forum account. In other words, if you have an account on PureDiablo it will function elsewhere. You all effectively have a PureDMG account now,

In an effort to make that a little more understandable, we switched all the domains over to which is why some of you may have recently been asked to log back in on the forums. PureDiablo is the exception to that rule where the domain will stay the same.

Article and news comments are now contained within each news story or article, and moving forward, news will not appear in the forums. It was just confusing for a lot of people. Hopefully, it will also encourage everyone to check the news, articles, and even guides more often.

In order to make it easier to log in, we also added log in functionality on all the sites. You can see the “Log in” link now in the top menus. You simply use your forum account details to log in. New community members can now register from anywhere, whether it’s via the forum or the front page.

Diablo 4

diablo 4 wiki
New Diablo 4 Section

Looking ahead we also decided to make a big change with the Diablo 4 section and moved all the content into a new wiki format. We decided to do this because we often get emails or messages saying X is wrong or needs changing on the DIablo 2 section.

Over the past month or so, Elly and I have had a little less time to update things in sections and it makes sense that the community can contribute as they did brilliantly with our old Diablo 2 wiki. We hope the community will help with this as we get more and more information on Diablo 4 in the coming months. We hope we can also encourage those with wiki experience to join us on the Diablo 4 journey to help moderate and admin the new section too.

Wikis used to be a pain to update but thankfully with visual editing, it’s a lot easier than in the old days so anyone can easily update pages.

Regarding user accounts on the wiki, if you have what we are now calling a PureDMG account, you can use the same details to log in to the wiki. This is optional, you can also just register a wiki account if you so desire.

Site Stuff

A few weeks back we moved the site into a new template system to simplify things. The previous system was becoming cumbersome and it meant a lot more editing/coding/fixing if we needed to change anything.

I have spent the last few days hunting down any remaining issues and most should now be resolved. There were some weird anomalies on search results for a start which needed to get fixed. Hopefully, that is just about all of it sorted out now but if you spot something please let me know via DM on the forums.

New Communities

Updated PureDMG site.

Since we launched PureDiablo, we’ve enjoyed building on the community here across the new sites. However, we are but a very small team so now we’re going to give everyone the chance to start their own with our help.

If there is a game your really looking forward to and want to do more than just play the game, our new initiative will allow you to run your own community. We’ll set it up, provide the infrastructure, and even design it as well. We also aim to provide tools for your community should you need help with that too. All you need to do is provide the content and look after your community.

Along with the satisfaction of running your own community and watching it grow, you’ll also be compensated for your community-building efforts.

Our goal is to help budding community builders as best we can and provide support. If this is something you are interested in, you can fill in application here.

That said, we are going to continue focusing on Diablo and we may pop up another site if there’s a game that Elly and I are interested in.


PureDiablo Overwolf App
Overwolf App

We’ve been experimenting with numerous apps since PureDiablo launched including a move into Overwolf for Diablo players. PureDiablo community member Nekro offered to help with this project earlier this year and we’ve been busy building out new apps since. The benefit of this has been tools such as the Runeword calculator tool and our Elden Ring tools.

All these tools have been made available on the site here but also inside our special in-game Overwolf apps giving players access to all our content and tools in-game. Overall it’s been a win-win for players.

We plan to expand on these in the coming months and hope players have enjoyed using them so far.


As you can see we’ve had a busy year so far and there’s always something happening in the background. Elly and I would like to thank everyone who has been visiting the sites and especially PurePremium members who have been brilliant supporters and helped make all of the above happen. Without direct contributions, it would make the work impossible.

We hope we can encourage more direct contributions but we know not everyone wants to register. With that in mind, we have added donate options which you can find on the new PurePremium page. Our goal is to keep investing all funds into the infrastructure to keep everything online as well as improving site functionality with new tools. Every penny goes back into the sites for things such as licenses and infrastructure costs.

I know this is a lot of text but we think it’s important everyone knows what’s been going on and why things have changed. Thanks again for your support.

~ Rush & Elly

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