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Primal Ancient Changes are Coming

With Primal Ancients now on the Diablo 3 PTR, not everyone is happy about them. Blizzard is acknowledging all feedback on the subject and “significant” changes are coming.

[BLUE]Loving the amount of thoughtful and constructive discourse on this topic. We knew introducing Primal Ancients would be somewhat controversial, because they are meant to be very rare, and we appreciate the time and effort you all have taken to testing them thus far. We’re reading as many threads, watching as many videos, and listening to as many streams as possible to gather your thoughts and reflect on them.

There are definitely some good and valid concerns, and we are going to be making some significant design changes with Primal Ancients. These changes aren’t set in stone and have some technical hurdles behind them, so they won’t be making the next PTR patch, but a future one instead.[SOURCE][/SOURCE][/BLUE]