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No Season 5 PTR Downtime – Hotfix Update Notes

PTR to stay live today so rejoice if you’re testing.

No Season 5 PTR Downtime

Planned Season 5 PTR downtime has been cancelled for today and instead, hotfixes are going to be applied while it’s live. Rejoice at no downtime and we’ll keep you posted as best we can with what changes.

The team has decided to keep S5 PTR up. We will roll this hotfix out as things are live. Players will roll onto the new servers. Once everyone has rolled over, we will have hotfix notes up.


PTR Hotfix Notes – June 26

This hotfix will be rolled out to all users by 1:00-2:00pm PDT

Game Updates

  • Salvaging a Tier 1-3 Infernal Hordes Compass will now grant an Abyssal Scroll.
  • Salvaging Tier 4+ Infernal Hordes Compasses will grant 1 extra Abyssal Scroll per Tier. (i.e. 6 Scrolls for Salvaging a Tier 8)
  • Completing Nightmare Dungeons, opening Helltide Chests, and opening Whisper Caches now grant a guaranteed Infernal Hordes Compass.
    Developer’s Note: This for PTR specifically. We will be revisiting this for the Season release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Abyssal Scrolls could be lost. Abyssal Scrolls will now stay in your inventory unless you use, sell, or manually drop them

Separately, we do want to note that we are seeing the plethora of feedback regarding other items tied to Infernal Hordes such as rewards experience, encounters and more. We are noting this and will make sure we address feedback as much as possible before Season 5 release.

This goes for the feedback on class balance as well and some of the bugged interactions they are experiencing.

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28 days ago

TFFT. It’s been doing my head in trying to get hold of scrolls!

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