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No Overlay Map Planned for Diablo 4

It was a highly requested feature but it’s not being added. Has Blizzard made the right decision on an overlay map?

overlay map

Blizzard’s recent list of changes following feedback from the community went down well but there was one glaring omission, an overlay map.

As season Diablo players, most of us are used to running around with the overlay map toggled on when trying to find objectives or a new path. In Diablo 4, this is not an option, you need to switch the map view which takes you away from the gameplay.

The option of an overlay map has been one of the most requested things we have seen since the beta began but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be added.

Rod Fegusson posted in response to the question of whether they plan to add the feature.

No Overlay Map. C’mon Rod!

So there you have it, you are going to be switching back and forth I’m afraid.

Why no Overlap Map?

So why are they opposed to adding an overlay map? It’s a question we’ll never fully know the answer to but perhaps they are wanting players to focus on the game and not the map while playing. It’s the only reason, unless there is some weird technical reason, that we can think of as to why Blizzard is opposed to this.

The mini-map in Diablo 4 is pretty small and it’s not that helpful, I know I was constantly switching to the map view, especially in Dungeons where the paths would loop around back to the start.

The advantage of the overlay map is that you can keep moving, but that could be the reason why they are not adding it. They know players will just run past mobs to reach their goal. That, said, not having an overlay map won’t stop players from doing this and they’ll just quickly toggle back and forth from the main map.

Diablo 2., Diablo 3, and Diablo 4 Maps

From the last 3 games, Diablo 2 comes with the overlay if you want it, Diablo 3’s mini-map is slightly larger so you can see more, and then there’s the smaller Diablo 4 map.

From all of these, the Diablo 2 overlay is the most useful for players, then the larger Diablo 3 mini-map, and then Diablo 4’s coming in third place.

Perhaps if there is an option to scale the mini-map in Diablo 4 that would possibly be an acceptable compromise if an overlay map is out of the question.

What do you think? Is this the right decision or has Blizzard got this wrong? Let us know in the comments and poll.

Should Blizzard add an overlay map in Diablo 4?

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