Next Diablo 4 Quarterly Update is Coming

With everything that’s been going on at the moment, it’s no huge surprise that Blizzard has not fired out the next quarterly update for Diablo 4. The good news is they haven’t forgotten about it.

The last update was on 26 February which feels like years ago. The good news is the Blues have been digging into the official forums and when questioned about the next update the response was:

Yes but will caveat that things can always change. But I have read it/gone through it.


No definitive date then but if it’s being checked over then it could be imminent. We’ll let you know when it pops up, and hopefully, it will be jam-packed with new information and not going over the same ground.

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  1. Avalon

    I could not help myself, I had to ask him when he was on the forum. I am happy that he answered me.

    1. Rush

      Yep, good call Avalon. Always good to keep them on their toes 🙂

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