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Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen share their thoughts on rumoured Diablo 2 remaster

We are waiting for some indication from Blizzard that the much talked about Diablo 2 remaster is in development. Today Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen who worked on the original at Blizzard North talk about what they would like to see in a Diablo 2 remaster from Blizzard.

We already know from previous conversations with David Brevik that creating a Diablo 2 remaster would not be easy. This is reiterated by Max Schaefer in this quick interview with IGN. Max added:

First of all, I think it’s probably impossible to really capture it… It wasn’t even a true 3D game, everything was rendered sprites and so to really capture the exact feel of what happens when you click in a 3D environment is going to be challenging at best.

As Max points out, the game would have to be recreated in a new game engine. While that’s possible, what would be harder to capture would be the original’s atmosphere and “feel” with a new engine. Uelmen highlighted the gore and violence was also a factor with the original game. That alone would be important to making a remaster feel authentic.

You can watch the full interview below.

6 thoughts on “Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen share their thoughts on rumoured Diablo 2 remaster”

      • I have to admit, I don’t understand the railing against D4. Blizzard knows what new and old fans want now. D3 was really a blip and I am seeing all the right noise that they have got the message about what the community old and new want from 4. You have to give a new development team the support at this stage and help shape the game with sensible feedback.

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  1. I mean maybe start with not making diablo 3 all over again, i know they made a scary video game reveal when they announced D4 but the game doesnt back the video up. its still d3 all over again and that’s why d2 players are not happy about D4 or d3 they are the same game, with probably the same engine

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  2. “My only strong opinion is that it needs to have more violence, more gore, and more nakedness. Long as they do that, then they’ll be true to the series, in terms of what we were going for, as artists.”
    Words of wisdom from a true dedicated gaming artist, but as he said – shareholders will probably want this re-whatever censored for snowflake brainded leftists that thing black lives matter, pathetic.

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