Judges’ Chamber – Returning Class Poll Results and Mounts

It’s time for another installment of the Judges’ Chamber where we ask the community questions on Diablo IV topics. We’re wrapping up our question on previous classes that should appear in Diablo IV and posing a new question. Dive in and see which classes you want to see most return and answer our next question.

In our previous Judges’ Chamber, which we posted just as the site launched, we asked you what classes from the previous games you would like to see return in Diablo IV. There was one winner that came out ahead and it was not that surprising.

The Amazon came top. It looks like Diablo players are wanting more of that Amazon javelin action in the next game. Paladin came in second place, again a class that’s been away from the series for a while. The Necromancer is always a fan favourite, although I have to admit, perhaps it would be time for the Necro to take a break *ducks*. The Assassin was aso popular choice coming in fourth and right at the bottom was the Warrior. Probably because we have a melee character already in play with the ever-present Barbarian.

Which two previous characters would you like to see in Diablo IV?

  • Amazon (22%)
  • Paladin (21%)
  • Necromancer (17%)
  • Assassin (12%)
  • Demon Hunter (8%)
  • Witch Doctor (5%)
  • Crusader (5%)
  • Monk (4%)
  • Bard (3%)
  • Warrior (3%)

Vote Started on: January 3, 2020 @ 7:45 pm

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Vote on Mounts

In our next poll following up on our recent article on mounts, we want to know what you think mounts should provide in Diablo IV? It’s a new feature but there could be some additional possibilities on top of what Blizzard has already announced. Take a look at these options and vote accordingly. Feel free to leave your comments as to why you voted the way you did in both polls.

What do you think mounts should provide in Diablo 4?

  • All of the above. (34%)
  • Faster transport only. (30%)
  • Additional mobile stash storage by way of saddlebags for example. (24%)
  • Ability to transfer loot back to town automatically. (9%)
  • Ability for 2 riders on one mount in multiplayer (rider/passenger) (4%)

Vote Started on: May 28, 2020 @ 11:25 pm

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1 comment on “Judges’ Chamber – Returning Class Poll Results and Mounts

  1. Jugalator

    Hmm, the mount vote made me wonder if followers will actually be in Diablo IV or if mounts will take their place. In that case I picture a similar page like that of followers, only with an inventory as well, this time. Of course, they should be able to be named too!

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