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Is the Next Diablo 4 class a Holy Warrior?

Time to start theorising on an unannounced Diablo 4 class thanks to some art that’s appeared on Displate. The art called Heroes on Displate and is based on a previous piece of art by Igor Sidorenko which was released back in 2019. Angzt explains as follows:

The Next Diablo 4 class Theory

Here’s the full artwork from Displate’s site:


I think it’s unlikely to be a player character, even though the work is titled Heroes. We already see a Rogue on the far right, a Barbarian on the bottom right, a Druid on the bottom left, a Necro on the far left, and a Sorceress left of the “angel”. That covers all five classes.

There’s also this one titled Inarius:

It clearly shows Lilith and Inarius as well as a bunch of other angels and demons and is drawn in the same style. None of the angels here have faces. Although an extended version of this work on the Blizzard Gear Store is titled Birth of the Nephalem:


There is no equivalent to the Heroes piece on that store, though.

While Displate doesn’t have an artist credit (or I didn’t see any), the Blizzard Gear version lists Igor Sidorenko as the artist for Birth of the Nephalem. From what I can tell, Igor works as a senior artist on D4.

The Displate image at the top is a variant of Igor’s Heroes piece released back in 2019 at BlizzCon as you can see below:

Heroes_BlizzCon_2019 (2)

Note that this does not feature the Rogue and Necro as it was posted before either of those classes had been announced. It also does not feature the “angel”.

Is this a possible early leak?

We think there are going to be announcements on 8 December at the Game Awards. Could another class be announced? Is all of the above just wishful thinking? We shall know soon enough.

Thanks to Angzt for piecing this together.

Do you think they will reveal a Holy Warrior class soon?

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