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Introducing the Diablo 2 Item Price Check Tool

Price Check Feature 2
>We’ve been busy behind the scenes at PureDiablo and I think you’ll love what we’ve come up with. I’d like to introduce our newest service, a completely new way to value your items: the Diablo 2 Item Price Checker Tool!

There are many ways to get your prices but being able to serve you up a value with one search has never been so easy. Simply enter the name of the item(s) that you want to price and hit the search button or use the suggested items based on what you type. Your search pulls up our item page with detailed statistics of the item, comprehensive notes on grades of an item, and most importantly, a range of prices for those grades.

Diablo 2 Price Check Shot 1

The values of these items are listed in both runes and a numerical value, to ensure that we are accurate and transparent. We have a key to the values on each page, so you can check those against other sources to make sure that you are getting the right price for your trade. Not only that, we are tracking prices over time; so you can see as prices start to change which way you may want to go.

To make life easier for traders, we are doing all the calculations behind the scenes. This allows us to give traders an actual rune/currency value as a guide when trading for every single item. Each and every item also has its own comments so if you aren’t sure about pricing your item, just drop a reply from the item’s page and our price checkers can follow up on it
There are a few other features I’d like to mention. The first is that every set and unique item has been categorized according to our guide. You can click on Godly Drops and pull up a listing of all the best items that D2R has to offer. This way you can keep up with changing prices on big-ticket items all in one place.

The other feature is the price ticker, that’s displayed at the top of the page. That shows what prices have been updated recently. Or you can check that out on the Price Checker front page which shows the risers and fallers. Either way, you know that your prices are up to date because the date is always displayed. If you feel that they aren’t, please reply to that item’s discussion on the page and request one. We are very hopeful that you will help contribute to making our Price Checker as accurate as possible.

Finally, to make it easier for traders, we have created new tooltips on the site and forums for every item in the game. What makes these different? We have included the pricing data on the tooltips which will be useful on the Trading Marketplace.

Thanks for your patience as we roll out this new feature. We’ve done extensive testing, but there will always be something we may have missed. This has been a real collaborative community effort from Rush, Nekro, Silospen, and myself Nokk. It’s been a big project so we hope you’ll all enjoy and benefit from the features.

Please let us know if that’s the case, either through the original price guide on the forum, or in the #website-support channel on our Discord. Looking forward to hearing what you think and happy hunting!

The new section can be easily reached via or Whichever is easier for you to remember. We are just finishing up with the last few items going into the DB, and as the site had just gone live, it will take updates to prices for the rise and fall values to shake out on the front page.

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