Inside Story of Blizzard Departures. A Company at a Crossroads

Inside Story of Blizzard Departures. A Company at a CrossroadsA long-form article has been posted this evening which takes a look at the more recent Blizzard departures and the current culture within the company.

IGN had talked to numerous sources who previously worked at Blizzard to put this article together and it’s an interesting read, even if you have been following Blizzard staff departures over the past five years. There’s not really anything revelationary
revealed but it does offer a good timeline of events.

We know that with new games some way off (apart from D2R), Blizzard is going to have to stick it out until Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 get released. Not releasing games doesn’t bring in money which affects things such as staff bonuses. It’s a strange time for Blizzard and it will take a little longer for them to reach their full potential again. Some big names are no longer there and it’s time to rebuild.

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