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Improving the Diablo 3 Stone of Jordan

Patch 2.4 version SoJ.
Patch 2.4 version SoJ.
A thread of fairly salty complaints about the (now) useless Stone of Jordan ring included some suggestions for improving the ring, and elicited a sympathetic Blue reply about improving the Diablo 3 Stone of Jordan:

[blue]Nevalistis: I’ve seen quite a bit of feedback from folks wanting to see Stone of Jordan get some revivification. Let’s explore this concept.

  • If we revised Stone of Jordan, what would you want it to do?
  • Why do you want Stone of Jordan to be more important? Is it the nostalgia factor, or do you want more competitive/varied ring options? Is there another reason?
  • Would you rather see Stone of Jordan have a new Kanai/Crafting use, be spent as currency, or feel more competitive as an item?
  • How can we revise Stone of Jordan in a way that’s great for everyone and not just a single class?
  • These are just some conversation starter questions. I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on Stone of Jordan, or what item powers you’d like to see in general.

    My first thought, reading the OP, was “who cares about SoJ?” but I see that Nevalistis covered that in option #2. The [wiki]SoJ[/wiki] only achieved fame in the Diablo series not since it was the super best item ever, but since it was arbitrarily and somewhat mysteriously chosen by players to become the defacto currency back in Diablo 2. People hoarded these so they could buy other things with them, a practice that eventually ran aground as game changes resulted in other things (like Runes) becoming the new currency.

    So basically, the SoJ is more analogous to the Auction House than to anything actually used/equipped in the game. Must we still honor it?

    If so, and the solution isn’t a complete reinvention, maybe they could just buff it. Add a a socket as a guaranteed 5th affix?

    As it is the item has some interesting properties, but nothing like a build-defining orange power. Also, and this is mostly perception, but the SoJ suffers from a lack of green numbers, since the +%elemental damage and +Elite Damage don’t factor into the green/red comparison. Nor does the + to maximum resource, and it’s easy to overlook down there as a secondary power. (And no, my suggestion of a socket wouldn’t help boost the green number comparison either.)

    Even an Ancient SoJ with CC *looks* weak sauce.
    Even an Ancient SoJ with CC *looks* weak sauce.

    You guys got any useful thoughts on restoring the SoJ to competitive status, and does anyone have special nostalgic nostalgia?