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How they modelled Diablo 4’s “By Three They Come” cinematic

How they modelled Diablo 4's “By Three They Come” cinematicOver on Artstation there’s a great piece on how the team behind the Diablo 4 “By Three They Come” created this cinematic. This cinematic was probably one of the best Diablo cinematics we have seen in years. It’s not surprising when you find out how long it took.

The cinematic took 16 months to put together and considering it was the reveal for a new game, it had to be big. Especially after the Diablo mobile uproar the year before at BlizzCon.

The article on Artstation also comes with some great images of the models used to create the cinematic experience too. Here’s a snip from the article.

“We’re all such huge fans and we really wanted to raise the bar,” said modeling supervisor Shannon Thomas. “The Diablo team was excited about it, J. (Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment) was excited about it—it wasn’t hard to get people excited about it. Eight minutes, four people in a dungeon raid, they’re all going to die, one of them is a shapeshifter, and Lilith comes through a blood drum. It was an easy pitch!”


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  1. Thanks, a very enjoyable read. It filled my heart with darkness too just reading it. The hyper-realism sounded good as does the avoiding the cartoony appearance. Can’t believe they did all the animations by hand though, time to go back and watch it again.

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