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How far will Diablo 4 monetization go?

How far will Diablo 4 monetization go?

Discussion of Diablo Immortal’s monetization is still ongoing this week within the community and I think it’s shocked many who may have thought Blizzard would take a sensible approach to fund the game.  With all that in mind, where does that leave Diablo 4 monetization?

Diablo Immortal has been touted and MMOARPG which is one thing it does have in common with Diablo 4. Players will jaunt around Sanctuary and come across other players. But what else will it have in common with the new mobile release? Monetization is likely to play a part but how far will Blizzard go?

We see some pretty predatory practices in Diablo Immortal and it’s simply accepted because it’s a mobile game and that’s what many mobile games do. With that in mind, I seriously doubt we’ll see anything like this with Diablo 4 monetization but know we’ll see something.

The job posting on Blizzard’s career page from 25 May (thanks Bullhorn) this year gives us a few hints. Let’s take a look at what they are looking for…

You will play a critical role in managing the Diablo IV in-game store experience for millions of players around the world. As this is a key component of Diablo IV’s seasonal content strategy, you will be the tip of the spear planning the content release schedule, configuring products using our internal tooling, and working with stakeholders across disciplines to ensure regular updates to the store throughout each season go smoothly. Additionally, you will strive to continually improve processes and encourage best practices. 
  • Manage the virtual product offers of the Diablo IV in-game storefront throughout each season to deliver an exceptional player experience.
  • Utilize internal tools to configure product contents, pricing, and availability.
  • Assist with scenario planning and maintaining the shop content roadmap.
  • Organize and maintain an ever-growing catalog of virtual products to facilitate communication and analysis.
  • Work with the analytics team to help identify sales trends and quantify purchase behaviors.
  • Quickly identify and resolve unexpected issues related to the shop experience as they arise.
  • Create contingency plans to mitigate errors and downtime risks.
  • Collaborate with Engineering, Production and QA stakeholders to push updates, resolve blockers, and create visibility.

Based on this job posting alone, we can see that there seems to be some monetization action tied to seasonal content. What this is exactly is unclear.

Diablo 4 monetization and what to expect

As with most MMORPGs,  there are usually bits and pieces to purchase, and in Diablo 4’s case, we know it’s cosmetics which was confirmed a few years back. We already know that only a chunk of Sanctuary is playable in Diablo 4 and there will be expansions that will expand the world over time.

There is one thing that could go sideways with cosmetics. If the cosmetics sold in the store, say armor as an example, are visually so much more impressive than what you can find in the game. Players not shelling out for cosmetics end up looking rather drab.

There is some hope for those worried about Blizzard going too far with Diablo 4 monetization, Lead Designer Joe Shely did state back in 2019 that they will “not sell power”.

It’s been a few years since these statements on Diablo 4 monetization were made, and now we have Immortal. What concerns me is that if Immortal does well, there could be aspects of the mechanics that make their way over to Diablo 4 as a way to make a few extra bucks. You pay for the game, you pay for the expansions, and you buy some cosmetics. That’s all acceptable. But dare I say it, what if you have to acquire some rare “orbs” that can be purchased but also dropped at a low drop rate to get better rewards from dungeons?

That may be a stretch for Diablo 4 but Blizzard may see the $$$ rolling in from Immortal and try something out of the ordinary.

There are other service-based transactions that we have also seen employed in WoW such as server transfer fees, name change fees etc. While some of these may not end up being relevant, rest assured if they are, they will likely come into play.

Please, not exactly like WoW.

WoW Kitten
No. Just no!

What I do not want to see, are cutesy pets like the ones that have flooded WoW over the years. One reason I gave up on WoW was the rainbow sparkly twinkly stuff that was continuously added to the game. It took away the small amount of edginess the game actually had and turned towns and hubs into a constant carnival of glittery things.

I remember logging into WoW after a few years away from the game and it was hardly recognisable. The uninstall button was hit pretty quickly and I’ll never go back.

Based on what’s happened this week, Diablo players will be keeping a really close eye on what Blizzard has planned for Diablo 4’s microtransactions, and rightly so. Blizzard is now a very different company compared to the 90s and sometimes we tend to forget that when it comes to game features and game announcements.

So what Diablo 4 monetization options are you most concerned about? What would make you simply say “no, not this time Blizzard”.

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For me it depends on how good the game is. I am likely to spend a bit on cosmetics if the underlying game is good. If it isn't, monetisation is likely to tip the balance towards uninstall.

Play to win feature (like Diablo Immoral) are a red line for me though.

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Given the recent trajectory Activision Blizzard has been on, I'm basically expecting pay to win at this point. I don't think it will be quite as bad as Diablo Immortal, but still pretty bad. Lootboxes are pretty much a guarantee, and I'd be amazed if they didn't at bare minimum include various potions and scrolls that are slightly better than what can be found in game. Wildly overpriced cosmetic items, for sure, many of which individually cost almost as much as a whole new game.

It's almost like they are chasing after EA. I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to see a Diablo 5 in a couple years, which is literally going to be Diablo 4 with a number "5" sticker on the cover. At this point I wouldn't even be surprised if you had to buy card packs to unlock the character classes.

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Given the recent trajectory Activision Blizzard has been on

I'm not sure. Diablo Immoral err Immortal is a mobile phone game and pay to win is pretty common in that genre. It's also receiving massive criticism from long-time Diablo fans whose voices can be heard pretty well.

If D4 is pay to win, then I'm not going to buy it. For computer games, I'm paying once and only once, although I could understand a certain subscription fee for bnet play. I would be playing it on single-player anyway and if it comes with a bnet subscription fee and no single-player, I won't buy it.

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