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Help solve the Diablo 2 Resurrected Cipher – Updated

Help collect the numbers to complete the message in this D2R ARG running right now.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Cipher

Anyone who dropped into the 2.5 patch notes will have seen the mysterious message at the bottom of the notes and it’s leading us somewhere. Yes, the Diablo 2 Resurrected cipher is a good old ARG

When decoded, the message read “So many gems what do these orange numbers mean”. Now, any Diablo player that’s been around long enough will be aware of the mysterious chat gem in the game chat. We’ve all been clicking it on and off over the years wondering what it actually does.

Well, it is doing something and it’s spitting out numbered codes periodically in orange text. So what is this?

What we know is that the codes correspond to pages, lines, and words in the D2 manual which form sentences on the decoded cipher message. It’s these words and sentences that everyone is trying to solve today. In an effort to bring community efforts together, a google sheet has been set up which outlines what’s been discovered so far.

How do the cipher codes work?

As an example, if you got a code 003121105 it would be

  • Word position in the decoded cipher message: 003
  • Page number: 12
  • Line number: 11
  • Word number on that line: 05

Using that logic, the document has so far been partially decoded as you can see in the google doc linked above. There are around 37 words still to be found as of this post so get clicking!

To try and get a code, click the gem in the Lobby until you get an orange code. Expect to get a very sore hand 🙂

There are numerous locations you can share a code if you find one including our Discord channel where there’s a channel to post a screenshot of the number you get.

You may be clicking for some time before anything appears, but you’ve been doing that for decades already right?

So far we have the text below which has been updated below at 1PM GMT 24 September.

The Stones Have Spoken To Me Again Showing Visions That Only I Can So Easily See How Can The Others Be So Ignorant To Their .. Cast Me Aside Will They I Shall Not Waste My Breath On The Savages The Crystals Of The Earth Have Predicted Before I Know These Visions Tell Us Secrets Vision Of The Towering Heart The Great One Of All Shattered Into Seven Dark And Five Light The Remnants Of The Stones Laying The Foundation For All This Destruction Sets In Action The Endless And Impossible .. Of Restoring What Was Broken To Perfect Form Once To The .. One Of The Shattered Pieces Neither Light Or Shadow Cut With The Ability To Create While It Is Closely Protected No Prison Is Eternal And Soon Is Released By The Burning Red Gem And High White Gem The Ability Used To Create A Hidden And Secret Realm War Explodes And The Seven Turn On Each Other The Three Perfect Corrupted By The Four Flawless A False Break To Gain Access To The Stones Of The Soul One Perfect Shattered Gem One Perfect Corrupts From Within One Perfect Hidden Deep Vision Of The Eternal Terror Unleashed Into A Child And Held Deep Within The Earth File By Its Would Be Attackers Setting The Gem Within The New Host It Drives East East To Be Released By The Other Two Dark Stones Vision Of Grizzled Eyes A Former Foe Of One Of The Three Cast To The Nothing Returns To Be Imprisoned Once More Vision Of Mad Ancient Lies A Shadow Keeps Moving The Shadow Of A Past Light Carrying Within It The Spark .. Evil Brothers Together The Dark Gem Cut Anew Only To Return To World Between Realms Two Dark Stones Of Soul Shattered One Fled To Be Joined To The Eye The Last Perfect Exiled The Eye Corrupted Beyond Repair To Be Destroyed By One Of The Five Light Reduced To Shards Vision Of Life Shards Thrown To The Far Reaches Pieces That Still Holds Echoes Of Their Former Power Sought By Those Who Seek To Claim Or Destroy Vision Of Swarms Seek From The Five One Light Gem Begins Its Path A New An Ancient Black Gem Is Discovered A Prison Crafted Larger Than Its Kin Its Thirst .. Souls Strong Enough To Gather Five Of The Dark Before They Could Return Home The Six Gem Shown Freely Its Fate To Join Its Brothers And Sisters The Seven Stands At The Base Of The Eyes End Its Armies Defeated Follows At Last Filled The Prison With Nothing But Darkness The Prison Filled Is Given New Life In The Spawned Of The Stronger Brother Seven Become One Primal In Its .. Sets Out To Shatter The Throne Of The Light Breaking The Perfection Of One Of The Four Remaining Light And Containing Two To Victory So Close Only To Fail And Remain Imprisoned Once To A Broken Light Stands In .. Place Of His Lost Brother A Brother Who Has Taken A New Visage Vision Of The Eternal End A Dark Prison Corrupts Its Resting Place Stolen Away By The Broken Light A Lost Brother Returns Under A New Name To Claim It Leaving But A Shard A Dark Gem Twisted To A New Purpose Takes Strength From Many To Power A New Master Only To Be Shattered By The One It Serves The Death Of A Former Light Those Imprisoned Set Free Vision Of The Individual A False Gem Attempts To Capture A Prime Fails And Falls To A Lesser Host Vision Of The Night The Perfect Return At Last To Finally Claim Their Rightful Throne Among Brothers Vision Of Greatness A Lost Flawed Gem Returned At Last .. Fallen Light Returned To Its Former Glory A Thief Left Alone To Plan Eternal The Seven And The Five Gripped From Their Homes Cursed To Reside In A Kingdom Long Hidden A Lost Brother A Fallen Guide Places Traded Forever Cursed

Understanding the Text

With the text 99% decoded, Angzt went through it to make it more readable and as suspected, it takes you through the lore. Of course everyone is speculating what this actually means at this point and not everything is completely clear.

The stones have spoken to me again, showing visions that only I can so easily see.
How can the others be so ignorant to their wisdom?
Cast me aside, will they?
I shall not waste my breath on the savages.
The crystals of the earth have predicted before.
I know these visions tell us secrets!

Vision of the Towering Heart [Events before Diablo 1]
The great one of all [Anu], shattered into seven dark [Great Evils] and five light [Angiris Council], the remnants of the stones laying the foundation for all [Anu’s & Tathamet’s death creating the universe].
This destruction sets in action the endless and impossible task of restoring what is broken to perfect once more.
The eye [Eye of Anu = the Worldstone], one of the shattered pieces, neither Light or Shadow, cut with the ability to create while it is closely protected [within Pandemonium Fortress].
No Prison is eternal and soon is released by the burning red gem [Lilith] and high white gem [Inarius], the ability used to create a hidden and secret realm [Sancutary].
War explodes and the seven turn on each other.
The three perfect [Prime Evils] corrupted by the four flawless [Lesser Evils]. [Dark Exile: Diablo, Mephisto & Baal are cast out of Hell]
A false break to gain access to the stones of the soul.
One perfect shattered gem [Baal, bound to Tal Rasha with a broken Soulstone], one perfect corrupts from within [Mephisto, his Soustone guarded by the Zakarum who he then corrupted], one perfect hidden deep [Diablo, his Soulstone hidden deep beneath what would become Tristram].

Vision of the Eternal Terror [Events of Diablo 1]
Unleashed into a child [Albrecht, Leoric’s son] and held deep within the earth, saved by its would be attackers [Diablo 1’s heroes] setting the gem within the new host [Diablo 1’s Fighter].
It drives East. East, to be released by the other two dark stones.

Vision of Grizzled Eyes [Events of Diablo: Hellfire?]
A former foe of one of the three, cast to the nothing, returns to be imprisoned once more.

Vision of Mad Ancient Lies [Events of Diablo 2]
A shadow [Dark Wanderer = Diablo] keeps moving.
The shadow of a past light, carrying within it the spark of evil Brothers together.
The dark gem cut anew only to return to world between realms.
Two dark stones of soul [Mephisto’s & Diablo’s] shattered, one fled to be joined to the eye.
The last perfect [Baal] exiled.
The eye corrupted beyond repair to be destroyed by one of the five Light, reduced to shards [Tyrael destroying the Worldstone].

Vision of Life [Events of Diablo Immortal]
Shards thrown to the far reaches.
Pieces that still holds echoes of their former power, sought by those who seek to claim or destroy.

Vision of Swarms [Events of Diablo 3]
Cast from the five, one light gem [Tyrael] begins its path A new.
An ancient black gem [Black Soulstone] is discovered, a prison crafted larger than its kin.
Its thirst for souls strong enough to gather five of the dark before they could return home [Adria having bound the souls of five Greater Evils].
The six [Belial], gem shown freely, its fate to join its brothers and sisters.
The seven [Azmodan] stands at the base of the eyes end, its armies defeated, follows.
At last, filled the prison with nothing but darkness.
The prison filled is given new life in the spawned of the stronger Brother [Diablo].
Seven become one, primal in its power sets out to shatter the throne of the light [Prime Diablo’s attack on the High Heavens], breaking the perfection of one of the four remaining light [Imperius] and containing two [Auriel, Itherael].
To victory so close, only to fail and remain imprisoned once more.
A broken light [Tyrael] stands in the place of his lost brother [Malthael].
A Brother who has taken a new visage [Archangel of Death].

Vision of the Eternal End [Events of Reaper of Souls]
A dark prison [Black Soulstone] corrupts its resting place, stolen away by the broken light [Tyrael].
A lost brother [Malthael] returns under a new name to claim it, leaving but a shard.
A dark gem, twisted to a new purpose, takes strength from many to power a new master [Malthael collecting the souls of humanity in the Black Soulstone], only to be shattered by the one it serves.
The death of a former light, those imprisoned set free [The Evils’ souls freed after Malthael’s defeat].

Vision of the Individual
A false gem attempts to capture a prime fails and falls to a lesser host.

Vision of the Night
The perfect [Prime Evils] return at last to finally claim their rightful throne among brothers.

Vision of Greatness
A lost, flawed gem returned at last.
A fallen light returned to its former glory.
A thief left alone to plan eternal.
The seven [Greater Evils] and the five [Archangels] gripped from their homes, cursed to reside in a kingdom long hidden [Sanctuary?].
A lost brother, a fallen guide: Places traded, forever cursed.

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