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How to Unlock Diablo Hellfire Classes and Features

diablo hellfire

The Diablo 1 expansion Diablo Hellfire comes with undocumented features and classes which can be unlocked with some nifty file editing and changing. To gain access to features such as multiplayer capabilities as well as the Bard and Barbarian classes, follow the notes below and all will be revealed.

Unlocking Multiplayer and Classes

  • Install Diablo Hellfire
  • Make sure it is patched to Hellfire 1.01 and download the hacked hellfrui.dll file which also includes a ready to go command.txt file. Hellfire patch 1.01 will give you the ability to access both the Barbarian and Bard (available in GOG release version).
  • Replace the original hellfrui.dll with the new file dll file. This file can be found in  C:/sierra/hellfire by default.
  • Now edit the command.txt file or replace it with the file included in the zip. To do it manually, add the following line of text to the file. Note these entries can be added in any order and the file can be edited in standard notepad.

What Each Entry Means

When added, the above line of text added to the command.txt file will enable the following features.

  • cowquest — Enables the Jersey’s Jersey quest. See that page for more details.
  • bardtest — Enables the Bard character.
  • barbariantest — Enables the Barbarian character.
  • multitest — Enables multiplayer.
  • nestart — Enables a different palette for the Hive. Try the game with and without this option to see a slight difference.

If there are any features you do not want to activate, simply leave them out of the command.txt line and they will not load in.

In 2019 GOG released Diablo 1 and the Diablo: Hellfire expansion which is now the place to pick up both games. The above methods work with the GOG release without any problems.

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  1. Thanks for your work! However, there is a small problem. I unlocked the characters and the multiplayer option appears in the menu, but when I try to create a character, it writes an error message. This only occurs in multi, but not only for the barbarian and the bard, but also for the basic characters. Could someone possibly help?

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