Diablo 4 Sorceress
Diablo 4 Sorceress

While Diablo 3 featured the Wizard, Diablo 2 brought us the Sorceress and in Diablo 4 the class makes a return.

The Diablo 4 Sorceress was revealed at BlizzCon 2019 and is Diablo 4’s true mage class. This latest incarnation of the class, like other returning classes, will likely follow in the same mould as the original which was described by Blizzard as:

A rebellious woman who has wrested the secrets of magic use from the male dominated Mage-Clans of the East, the Sorceress is an expert in mystical creation ex nihilo. Though somewhat lacking in the skills of hand-to-hand combat, she compensates for this weakness with fierce combative magic for both offense and defense. Solitary and reclusive, the Sorceress acts based on motives and ethics inscrutable to most, and sometimes seems capricious and even spiteful. In reality, she understands the struggle between Order and Chaos all too clearly, as well as her role as a warrior in this battle.

The Sorceress’s main abilities in Diablo 2 focused around cold, fire, and lightning. In development, Diablo IV looks to be remaining faithful to the elemental tour de force.

The Diablo 4 Sorceress Skill Tree

On 29 December 2020, Blizzard revealed a major change to the way in which skills and passives would be presented to the player. Blizzard showed a revamped Sorceress skill and passives tree which can be seen below.

  • The square skills are where players add skill points.
  • The round nodes can be activated to augment the skills players have unlocked
  • Along the branches are also passive nodes which can be activated.
  • At the bottom of the tree in the root system, there are nodes that can be activated to provide “powerful effects”.
  • Blizzard has stated that players will not be able to acquire every Skill Tree node. By end-game, only 30-40% will be filled.
Diablo 4 Skill Tree
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Diablo 4 Sorceress Skills

Certain Talents can affect an entire category of skills, for example points in Align the Elements talent reduces the cost of all Mastery spells.

Minor Destruction Skills

lightning skill nov-2019
Lightning0 manaLaunch a bolt of lightning that deals X damage and bounces to nearby enemies, dealing 30% less to each enemy hit.
Fire Bolt
fire bolt skill nov 2019
Fire0 manaHurl a flaming bolt, dealing X and burning nearby enemies for X bleeding over 8 seconds.

Requires a slashing weapon.

Frost Boltfrost bolt skill nov 2019Cold0 manaThrow a bolt of frost at an enemy, dealing X and Chilling them.
Arc Lash
arc lash skill nov 2019
Lightning10 manaUnleash arcing lightning that shocks enemies in front of you for X and then returns to you, restoring X mana.


Major Destruction Skills

NameDamageMana CostDescription
Charged Bolts
charged bolt skill
Lightning18 ManaRelease 6 bolts of lightning that course along the ground in an erratic pattern, dealing 18-22 damage each.
fireball skill
Fire30 manaHurl a ball of fire that explodes on contact, dealing X damage to nearby enemies.
Ice Shards
ice shards
Cold18 manaLaunch 5 shards that deal X damage each.

Deals X% more to Frozen enemies.

incinerate skill
Fire20 / secondChannel a beam of fire, burning enemies for X damage. Damage increases by X per second, up to X.
Chain Lightning
chain lightning
Lightning35 manaUnleash a bolt of lightning, dealing X damage and jumping to X nearby targets.
Frozen Orb
frozen orb
Cold40 manaUnleash an orb that Chills and expels piercing shards for a total of X damage, and then explodes into Frost Bolts.

Defensive Skills

Flame Shield
flame shield
Fire29 secondsEngulf yourself in flames for 2 seconds, burning nearby enemies for X per second.
Ice Armor
ice armor skill
PassiveAfter not taking damage for 5 seconds, ice accumulates on you, absorbing X damage
blizzard skill nov 2019
Cold40 manaSummon a frigid blizzard that deals X damage and Chills enemies over X seconds.
teleport skill nov 2019
Lightning22 secondsTransform into lightning, becoming Immune and surging to the target location.

Conjuring Skills

Frost Nova
frost nova skill
24 secondsUnleash a torrent of frost, Freezing nearby enemies.
Lightning Spearlightning spear skillLightning20 secondsConjure a crackling spear of lightning that seeks out enemies for 6 seconds, dealing X damage per hit.
Ice Blades
ice blades skill nov 2019
Cold20 manaConjure ice blades for 12 seconds that rapidly slash enemies for X damage and Chill.
hydra skill
Fire20 secondsSummon a three headed hydra for 12 seconds. Each head spits fire at a nearby enemy dealing X damage.

Mastery Skills

NameDamageMana CostDescription
Fire40 manaCreates a wall of flames dealing X damage to enemies over 8 seconds.
LightningPassiveAfter spending 145 mana, you unleash a burst of lightning that deals X damage.
Meteormeteor-skill-nov-2019Fire40 manaSummon a meteor that strikes the target location, dealing X damage. The ground burns for X damage over 3 seconds
Ball Lightning
Lightning60 ManaConjure a ball of lightning that slowly moves forward zapping enemies for 25-31 damage.

Ultimate Skills

Deep Freezedeep-freeze-skill-nov-2019Cold60 secondsEncase yourself in ice, becoming Immune for 4 seconds. For the duration, you emanate Chilling waves that deal X damage. This freezes enemies X% longer than normal.
Fire30 secondsIgnite a roaring inferno that pulses in and out of the target area, burning enemies for X over 8 seconds.
Lightning90 secondsYou become lighting incarnate. While in this form, you are Immune, nearby enemies are continually shocked for X damage and you can surge quickly between locations.

Sorceress Talents

The Sorceress has access to four talent trees.

Universal Talent Tree

Potent WardingSorceressElemental damage and resistances are increased by 2% per point.
DevastationDevastation Sorceress TalentCritical strike chance is increased by 2% per point.
Align the ElementsAlign Elements Sorceress TalentThe Mana cost of your Mastery spells is reduced by 5% per point.
Precision MagicPrecision Magic Sorceress TalentIncrease your non-physical resistances by X%.
Inexorable ReachInexorable Reach Sorceress TalentTargets hit by Spirit skills become Vulnerable for X% of the damage dealt.
Elemental AttunementElemental Attunement Sorceress TalentElemental critical strike reduce the cooldown of your Defensive skills by 5% per point.

Fire Talent Tree

Char to AshChar to Ash Sorceress TalentFire damage is increased by 6% per point each second, up to 30% per point. This effect resets when you take damage.
SoulfireSoulfire Sorceress TalentFire damage is increased by 4% per point after standing still for 1.5 seconds. Moving cancels this effect.
Blaze of GloryBlaze of Glory Sorceress TalentFire critical strike damage is increased by 3% per point. In addition, burning enemies deal 2% less per point to you.
Burning ResonanceBurning Resonance Sorceress TalentHit Effect: Damaging a burning enemy has up to a 25% chance to restore 2% Mana per point.
Devouring FlamesDevouring Flames Sorceress TalentEach source of burning on an enemy increased the direct damage of your fire spells by 2%, up to 2% per point.
Endless PyreEndless Pyre Sorceress TalentBurning effects deal an additional 15% for each second the target remains burning , up to 75%.
ConflagrationConflagration Sorceress TalentYour direct fire damage deals an additional 30% damage to burning targets.

Cold Talent Tree

Numbing ColdNumbing Cold Sorceress TalentChilled enemies deal 4% less damage to you per point.
Icy TouchIcy Touch Sorceress TalentCold damage is increased by 2% per point.
Cold SnapCold Snap Sorceress TalentYou apply 4% more Chill per point.
HoarfrostHoarfrost Sorceress TalentAfter casting Blizzard, your next cold skill deals 4% more damage per point.
FrostbiteFrostbite Sorceress TalentDamage against Chilled enemies is increased by 2% per point.
Chill to the BoneChill to the Bone Sorceress TalentCold damage against Frozen enemies is increased by 30%.
Endless WinterEndless Winter Sorceress TalentCritical strike chance against Chilled and Frozen enemies is increased by 30%, but your Chill effects no longer Freeze.

Lightning Talent Tree

Ceaseless BoltsCeaseless Bolts Sorceress TalentLightning critical strikes increase your critical strike chance by 2% per point for 5 seconds, up to 10% per point.
OverchargeOvercharge Sorceress TalentHit Effect: Lightning critical strikes have up to a 1% chance per point to release 3 charged bolts.
ConvulsionsConvulsions SorceressHit Effect: Lightning skills have up to a 2% chance per point to stun enemies for 3 seconds.
StaggerStagger Sorceress TalentEnemies deal 4% less damage per point for 3 seconds after being hit by your lightning skills.
Crackling AuraCrackling Aura Sorceress TalentDeal 301-368 lightning damage to a random enemy every 11 seconds reduced based on allocated points.
Shocking StrikesShocking Strikes Sorceress TalentEach time your lightning skills hit an enemy, they take 8% increased lightning damage for 1.5, up to 40%.
Lightning MasteryLightning Mastery Sorceress TalentLightning damage is increased by 40% against enemies within melee range.


Sorceress Enchantment System

Revealed on 29 September 2020, the Enchantment System hooks into the skill slots the players use for every class. However, with the Sorceress, skills can also be placed into an Enchantment slot. If you place a skill in the Enchantment slot, you can no longer use it as an active skill, but your character instead gains a secondary bonus power.

Sorceress Enchanment System 1
Note the empty round slot above the main skill slots.

A skill can now be placed into the empty slot giving the following result.

Sorceress Enchantment System 2

Below is an example of this system using the Meteor skill. Meteor allows you to call a fiery chunk of rock from the sky. If you choose to slot it as an Enchantment, you won’t be able to control your Meteors, but they’ll fall onto enemies periodically. This skill is still under development and may be different in the final game.

Sorceress Enchantment System 3

Sorceress Enchantment System 4

Sorceress History

The female mage clan of Zann Esu is one of the oldest of the ancient clans, although little is actually known about them. Centuries ago, the fourteen powerful covens of Esu witches convened for the first time in generations. What they discussed is not known, but the witches left behind their former lives and, as a group, disappeared into the Eastern Jungles.

The exact location of their community is a mystery. Until recently, their only contact with the outside world occurred during the recruitment missions. Once every seven years, the Zann Esu visited certain families across Sanctuary. These families had one thing in common — they each had a seven-year-old daughter. Always good-natured and polite, the Zann Esu visitors would meet the girls, ask a few questions, and then leave. A select few of the girls were visited a second time and offered apprenticeships. The families of those chosen enjoyed good fortune for many years after.

The Zann Esu, or Sorceresses as they are generally known, are on a quest for purity, the pursuit of the perfect magic. They feel the other disciplines of magic are haphazard and have instead chosen to focus strictly upon elemental magic. They mold the base elements into whatever magical forms they need — threatening all other magic disciplines with obsolescence. In order to achieve perfection in these elemental transmutations, they choose only those daughters of Sanctuary with the highest level of attunement to the magical elements.

The Sorceresses believe that it is through the search for perfection that they will attain ultimate purity and ascend to their destined role as the most powerful mages in Sanctuary. For centuries they have studied in secret, perfecting their art and bidding their time until the Emergence of Evil. Then, they will face their greatest challenge, either proving the purity of their magic or fading from existence.

The Zann Esu oracles have decreed that the time of the Emergence is at hand. The destruction of the Prime Evils is to be the great test of their clan. Recently, Sorceresses have appeared mysteriously throughout Sanctuary to do battle with the minions of evil wherever they are found. – Compiled by Flux

Changes Archive

Archive updated 29 September 2020

Prior to the September 29 2020 developer update, the Diablo 4 Sorceress skills and passive trees were presented to the player in a typical Diablo style. When looking at the tree further, Blizzard decided to change the tree to include both skills and passives in a single tree (see above). Blizzard did not discuss the skills themselves or skills that would be removed or added at that time. Below is the original tree designs prior to that developer update.

Diablo 4 Sorceress Talent Tree
Click to enlarge

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