Zerker with deadly strike?


Jul 30, 2003
Zerker with deadly strike?

how does berserk works with DS? im trying to figure out to either go with high dmg ebotd zerker or death cleaver for my zerker but dont have a clue. Anyone will gimma help?

If you use a shield you are in a constant block animation,since defense is zero.75% of their attacks are being halted by your shield alone & while at that, your zerk swing regardless of its speed is inturrupted,sincezerk is not uninturuptible like conc,it hurts your killing efficiency & speed.

Thats when warcry comes in,it stuns enemies nearby,halting their attacks allowing you free hits.Now if they arent attacking what good is a shield? Get a 2hander..

btw..zerk is just as fast as conc,why call it slow?

well, the maximam speed u can hit is 2.5 per sec for conc and zerk. IMO, that is consider slow to put enenmy into block-lock animation unlike zeal or fury. And without a shield, u will easily die in melee. since ur def drop to zero, any other people just have to try escape ur warcry-stunlock then they will get a free-hit.
I'll come to the big point later,but first:

Didnt I clarify already...

rikstaker said:
If you use a shield you are in a constant block animation,since defense is zero.

You still dont get me, Did I ever hint at putting enemies in block-lock?..I said you will have a block-lock problem,since your swing is inturrupted when you are blocking,which is quite often for a zerker,since defense is zero & it is not uniturruptible like conc.

I didnt foresee,thats why I suggested warcry, but are you thinking about melee-pvping with zerk? Suggest you opt for conc.Again block-lock for you is a problem,when you go up against all melee builds like conc & the ones you mentioned like fury/zeal.Yes you can pack up on faster block rates & your magic damage when it does break through can swipe a hefty portion of life,but its really messy,you will loose more often than not,due to their fast attacks,unitturptible in case of conc & your nil defense you are being halted everytime & its hard to get attacks on them.

edit: & not to mention that as soon as melee duelers sense a zerker,they'd throw away their angelics & put on highlordswrath to inflict more punishment on you.

Don't be afraid to try out a zerker build, dude. With the proper gear, and a lot of patience, zerkers will own most pubbies, and occassionally beat the best of the best barbs/pallies.

If this build is for melee, I suggest using botd. As a zerker, you'll need to hit the 125% ias bp as much as you can. Eth DC just doesn't cut it, unless you're using a 160/60 armor.

- Terry
so should i go for polearm for the range of 5 so he can hit first in melee? (with knockback of course) Or does anyone has a suggestion?
Without a shield, you're pretty much dead in melee duels before you ever get a hit in. As for PvM, you just need to use howl, taunt, warcry to kill your foes quickly.

- Ter
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