Zealer Sorc vs Bear Sorc

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Jul 27, 2009
Zealer Sorc vs Bear Sorc

I've heard and read about Dual Dream Enchantresses, and have read guides about using a Passion Phase Blade and using Zeal as the main attack or using a Beast Zerker and transforming into a Bear.

So, I have three questions:

-Is it possible to switch into Bear mode with the Beast and then switch weapons to Passion and use Zeal while in Bear mode? (I know you can't use spells as a bear, but how about attacks, like how they can use shockwave and maul?)

-What are the pro's and con's against each other?

-Which do you recommend as the better build?
Re: Zealer Sorc vs Bear Sorc

- A non-Druid in Bear/Wolf mode can only use Bear/Wolf skills granted by oskills (such as Feral Rage on Wolfhowl) and skill charges, as well as normal attack.

- Zeal sorc can tele, attacks faster (most of the time) and has a weapon switch for Memory/CtA. Bear sorc has more life, is harder to kill (morph to human form with 1 hp when she loses all hp in Bear form), and is generally considered cooler. They can reach an attack speed of 5 fpa with, say, 95% IAS in a Pb, which is faster than her fastest Zeal.

- Define better?
Re: Zealer Sorc vs Bear Sorc

-So, where Zeal is coming off of the Passion Blade, will it be similar to a skill charge, and work while in Bear Form?

-Awesome! Thank you so much for the pro's and con's.

-Which is better for PvM and for PvP in your opinion? Not just who does the most damage, but who can survive and is a little more balanced?
Re: Zealer Sorc vs Bear Sorc

Zeal isn't a Bear/Wolf skill and cannot be used in those forms.

PvM it depends why you want a melee sorc in the first place. I'm a speed freak and cannot stand not having teleport on a Sorc any time I want it. It depends on your playstyle I guess.

For PvP I think the Zeal sorc would be better. Shapeshifting Druids consider the lack of teleport a major disadvantage in PvP, and as a Bear sorc you'd be much more squishy than a Bear Druid. You'll probably have much less frw too to compensate for the lack of tele.

Search posts by rickster on the sorc forums for accounts of a well-built PvP Dreamer.
Re: Zealer Sorc vs Bear Sorc

Awesome. Thanks so much! Now I don't have to waste the time and runes to try to make a Beast. :thanks:
Re: Zealer Sorc vs Bear Sorc

For PvM I'd say bearsorcs are better. They can reach higher speeds
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