Your favorite time period?


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May 15, 2006
Your favorite time period?

Mine had to be 1.06. It was probably the most popular online game at the time, had a rival (although I'm sure this was the end of it though) and had a good clan. Wasn't the biggest or best but filled with alot of nice people. Uswest actually was semi-populated. Oh yeah...people actually could be trusted and worked with each other. Actually went through the game too.

It would of probably been 1.09 (C or D) but everyone seemed to be in competition; Like the "I PWN JOO" kind of competition. You couldn't trust no one.
1.10 Ladder season 1. Major gameplay changes aside, I had a small army of friendly forumites to play with and got filthy rich off of team hellforging and DClone farming. The duping, account theft and ridiculous lag that are so pervasive now seemed to be under control at the time (minus the little incident with the account recovery exploit).
1. Late 1.09-duped as it may be, I had so much fun with my Burrito zon with her hexes and whites and stuff.

2. Early 1.10-with all my 1.09 stuff gone, I started fresh with several friends. It was one of the most fun time periods for me; we played straight through untwinked and laughed at each other's chars and stuff. Good times.
1.10 Ladder Season 2.

Not that my opinion will count for much since I've only been playing since 1.10 L1, but yeah. I got reasonably wealthy with some lucky trading and managed to roll some nice RWs before the reset. Although a few expired.

But back in L2 there were a lot of forumites I used to play online with, now that I stayed NL not so many.
i asked my neibor this question once, he told me, patch 1.03, because you could use custom mods on bnet...

im not shure what he meant, tho
I actually loved the Diablo 2 Stress-Test beta... my first taste of Diablo 2, and it was fun trying to get perfect gems (couldn't cube them up as it was only part of act1, only could get them through gem shrines) and finding gull daggers.

Back in the beta, gem shrines were extremely rare.
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1.09...that was when I first started playing becase some of my friends from school were playing and they told me to try it out. We had enough people for full games and I just seemed like a less stressful time back then (no pressure of school) which made it more enjoyable.
Now! I've finally got a reasonable handle on how to play and have some decent gear.
I started to play early 1.09, and stoped in the midle of that..
And this ladder i started 2½-3 month ago, and I have to say that the gameplay is better now. But battlenet was more stabel (if I can say it was stabel back in the old days :D ) and the economi is realy bad now...But the chars is better now i think
Classical period.

I liked 1.09, but some of the bugs drove me nuts - particularly the barb masteries bug.

Probably 1.10, although it still leaves a lot to be desired. Less new content, more bug fixes! And make some long-forgotten skills viable, then I'll really be happy.

Back in the beta, gem shrines were extremely rare.

They're still fairly rare. Although probably not as rare as monster shrines, I still get excited when I see those.

I like the early classic era when everything was to be discovered. People didn't know what they were doing and everyone was teaming up to quest. Heck, we were so clueless that I remember our party being whipped out in the Arcane Sanctuary if you can believe it. That was a lot of fun

Same goes for early expansion when a lot of the game play was new and the addition of new characters. I liked the expansion till the mass duping began. Duelling was a lot of fun and really meant something in a sens that not everyone had exactly the same gear and the same charms. You had to work for every piece of equipment you had.

Finally, late 1.09 a good buddy of mine started to play and we made countless duos and experimentations. That was great fun to.

The 1.08 period was interesting as well even though it was short. Some crazy items and crafting recipes came from that era. 1.08 Arakain valor and crafted class specific + skill ring !!!
I only played D2 in two time periods: Classic and 1.11 expansion. I liked the latter much more, although the first six months pretty much owned the later ones.
I forgot all about those old crafting recipes Blizz thought better of...
I forgot all about those old crafting recipes Blizz thought better of...

Anyone have a link to what they used to do? I'm looking at this, and while it does tell me what to use to make it happen, it doesn't tell me what it can do.

I'm not familiar with your list, but I did tryto make one of these a time or two. In hindsight, I should have done that a lot more. How long did 1.08 last? a month?

My favorite periods were the very start and 1.10 season1.

The game needed a bit more work in beginning. Items had rediculously low level reqs, after 1.0x patch my lvl21 nerco could no longer use his soj. There were no speed penalties on weapons, meaning Fend worked. And there were no class specific weapons, this meant that a Baba could equip an Iron Jang Bong at like level5. Crazy stuff.

1.10 was truly a new start for me. I was burned out on .09, I started playing HC on a new ladder with new everything. There was great team play because we were all poor and no PKs....for a while :rolleyes:
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