Yall suggestions.


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Nov 28, 2004
Yall suggestions.

I am just starting diablo, and though I have played alot in the past, I dont have any characters. I havent played much of the exp pack, and most of my time was spent on the first diablo. I dont know what the good items are or the best characters anymore. (Back when I was playing it was all about the Stone of Jordan)

So, for my first character, what do you think it should be? Obviously i dont have any equipment to give them or anything.

I was thinking a barbarian because it seems to be the easiest throughout the game.

So, what kind of barb is the best? When I played, everyone just used WW... has that changed? what kind of weapon is the best? Axes? Lances?

Any comments would be helpful.
Frankly, the barb IMHO is one of the most equipment dependant chars to play these days. After the expansion came out and version 1.10, there have been a lot of changes to the game (not sure when you last played), but I'd say these days the easiest chars to start out with are probably either a sorc or hammerdin pally. If you wanna be a little more original, I'd suggest a frost zealot--lots of fun, and not too equipment dependant. Also playable with little or no item help is the skelemancer (aka fishymancer). I'd say depending on your tastes you should try one of those builds. Maybe surf around the strategy compendium a bit and see what sort of character strikes your fancy.

PS: Welcome to the forums! Always nice to have new members on board.
I'd say make a blizzard sorceress to mf Mephisto, it would probably be the best. Check the sorceress forum for guides.
First of all, welcome to the forums.

The best advice on starting a new character of any class would be to sit back with a nice warm drink and take a gander at all of the seperate forums for each. At the top you will find a stickied thread containing links to different builds, and once you have read those scroll down (on most at least) to see any changes/comments made so you are up-to-date.

These guides usually list where to place your stat and skill points, as well as starter/intermediate/end-game gear suggestions, so you should be pretty much ready for anything.

To get up-to-date with the items available as well as runes, charms, etc... you should check out the Arreat Summit

My advice for a first char would be a sorc of some kind, that is if you plan on doing magic find runs to get some gear for your new chars. Blizzard Sorcs or hybrid Orb/Meteor sorcs work very well and you should be able to handle Mephisto in NM and once you get some gear Hell with no problems.

Which realm are you going to play? East/West/Asia/Europe and softcore/hardcore ladder or non-ladder. I am on West Ladder, so if that is where you will be I can help you get started with some gear.

Good luck.
If you're starting from scratch, you need an easy to play and versatile character. Like it was said, Barbs are very dependent on good items. Sorcs require a more cautious gameplay, but are still easy to manage. Blizz sorcs are very powerful, but Cold immunes are a pain in Hell. I would rather go with a Meteorb Sorc (Fire Ball + Meteor + Frozen Orb, check the guides).

She can beat Hell with a modest equipment (worth 100 PGems), she can XP very easily, she can do MF runs everywhere, she can rush other chars very quickly, and even a very good equipment doesn't cost too much (full Tal set = 200-300 PGems, no need for expensive runewords, etc).
Hey, hey, welcome to the forums!

Whatever character you build (I made a blizz/fireball sorc) to start....save flawless gems. You can get all of your mid-level gear for a handful of Perfect gems. Once you have mid-level gear you will be strong enough to start finding your own elite gear.

I would suggest playing ladder at first as there you can upgrade gear and that is much fun.
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