WWsin thing :P


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Mar 5, 2005
WWsin thing :p

3 Shadow disc. 20 FCR 2soc

3 Shadow 20 FCR

Chaos Runic Talon +3 Weapon block +1 Wake of Fire or +3 claw mastery +1 Wake of Fire
Fury Runic Talon +3 Weapon block +1 Shadow warrior or +3 claw mastery +1 Shadow warrior


Trang oul

BK and Ravenfrost



9 Shadow GC(lifers I guess)
20/5FHR and 20/5 all ress
2x claws with +3 Shadow discipline +3 Venom

CTA + eth spirit or Lidless

20 MB
20 Clawmastery
20 Venom
20 Weapon block
7 Fade (gives 42 Fade after prebuff => 50 damage reduce (8 from nigma)
1 Wake of inferno(claw)
1 shadow warrior (claw)

any suggestions on changing anything (still need to buy it but it will look like this)
I'd put one point in LS as well because it's superior to WoF in certain situations and in general against barbs and palas.

And there is no 3shadow 20fcr amulet. You could use a +2sin 15-20%fcr @ crafted ammy.
Further, I find that Dancers > Gores because the CB and DS aren't really useful, so I prefer the 25dex, 2shadow skills and 30fhr.

The rest seems ok to me, although I think that 20 WB is a bit of a waste. You should make sure that you hit fastest kick- and trap speed.
1. Unless your prebuffing with other claws try to find claws with +Venom, they will do you MUCH better in the long run. (fyi you will have to recast sometimes on the fly [aka dueling] so claws with +venom are superior to weapon block)

2. The helm choice is fine, but a rare one might do you a little better assuming you can find stats that suit your build accordingly.

3. Maras > shadow ammy Resist + minor mods + 2 skills is a MUCH better option (and you'll have to switch out the BK ring for a fcr ring as well, which usually have much better mods then BK offers)

4. Shadow dancers are HANDS DOWN **THE** hybrid boots to go with. Now you said you were using enigma so I am assuming you are a hybrid, otherwise if you were a pure WW you'd be going with Bramble anyway.

5. Weapon block has such a huge diminishing return I don't know why you want to pump it *that* high, but assuming your just going for the max block you can attain (which by the looks of your claws that's what your goin for)

My advice is to definately switch your ring, ammy and boots though... the skill allocation you can play around with to see what you like / dislike.

EDIT: damn Moritz you beat me to it lol
Hmm maybe he means a pure wwsin without the help of traps and MB.
But at least I don't see a point in using Bramble as main armor neither.
I mean if your not using enigma the only other real option is bramble....
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