WW sin


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Nov 11, 2004
WW sin

Hey folka
:yawn: jeeez its late..
Where should I go to find the parts for the Chaos Runeword,
I tried hell cows, all I got want an amn rune, and a bunch of el's,eld's,etc.
Gimme some tips
gnight folks
You will probably never *find* the Ohm rune, but the others can be found from doing the Hellforge in Nightmare of Hell (with luck of course). If on the realms, trade for the Ohm, if single player, then edit it in. ;)

The Pit is a great place to find a claw - just go with as little MF as possible and with something that kills lots of weaklings fast.
Hey, yeah I know its a high level rune, but I have lots of nifty things, so anything that would be worth it tell me! I wanna try it out. thnx :thumbsup:
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