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Jul 4, 2003
WW Build Assistance

Good Day,

I have the following questions of which I would like to seek the assistance of fellow forum members.

a) is there a list of mods (like ctc Amp) that is carry over by WW ? My concern here is that I have intention to stock-up on crushing blow like my zerker paladin, however my room-mate tell me that only mods on the main weapon is trigger and not on any other body parts.

b) for pure PvM, should I be going for sword + shield or 2h high dmg weapon like those of polearms


1)Slide a scorpion into your room mate's pants while he is asleep.No such thing.Off weapon attack mods like cb,pmh,deadly,openwounds,freeze,slow etc... all trigger with ww.BUT chance to cast x skill on attac/striking/hit wont trigger while in ww regardless of whthere the mod is on or of weapon.You are moving while you are in ww & you cant cast while moving,so quite simply chance to cast skills will not trigger at all when ww.

note the diference between attack mods & skills that need casting,cb,pmh etc are attack mods while amp,lifetap etc.. are skills that can only be cast(ctc) while stationary.

2) for pvm-you ether go dualwield for fast attacks & cruel combo possiblity in fana from beast or h.freeze from doom or go high damg two handers like gpa for range & dmg obviously.

You mentioned Beast runeword, does it meant that my WW barb will be suffering very badly with AR ?

Thanks again.
The beast runeword weapon is used in the off-hand thanks to the damage boost it gives with fanaticism and the speed boost it gives your merc.

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