WW Build Assistance (Part 2) - Weapon Choice


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Jul 4, 2003
WW Build Assistance (Part 2) - Weapon Choice

Dear All,

Currently trying very hard to lvl up my first WW build.

However I have reach some bottleneck and again would like to seek fellow players for assistance.

I had been focusing on a "1h weapon + shield" build, with a lvl target of about 75-80.

Would a 1h sword be having the better dmg or 1h axe.

If I have missed out other good 1h weapon, please advise me.

Thanks again.
Perhaps on a whirlwinder a sword might be better. Greater swords such as Colossal blades have a much better range than say, Berserker axes, if I recall correctly.
I think the above poster is correct, axe will have more damage, but sword will have better range, therefore more useful in WW attacks.

When u WW, do short distances, and try to skim the outside of the pack, if u go in the centre the monsters can all hit you.

Last time I built a barb many many years ago I remember they were crap unless all your points were allocated perfectly.

Like if you say had 10 points in axe mastery, and 10 in sword mastery you would be useless in Hell, where as if U had 20 points in just sword mastery and used a sword then you would do some good damage.

Also, most of the battle shouts are more efficient than their skill equivelants. I cant think of names offhand, but the one that increases your armor comes to mind.

Maybe your gear is lacking if u r dying?

Maybe if u could write us a list of what u r wearing and we can check it.
I went thru the Arreat Summit and both state that Zerker Axe and CB are having range 3.

I am playing on non-ladder as such I have access to both eBotD BA and CB.

My intended gear will be :

a) Arreat Face - helm
b) Stormshield - shield
c) COH - amour
d) 1 x Raven
e) 1 x Bul Ring
f) Rare amulet with some resist/ml/life
g) Gore Rider / War Traveller

f) Belt (I have not decided and cannot recalled off-hand what I have)

Grand Charm
- 2 x Warcries
- 1 x Masteries
- 1 x Combat

Will the above helps ?

Belt - Verdungo's Hearty Cord. Try and get a 40Vit one, because the %DR wont matter as CoH has 8%. I think a 40/10 would cost you maybe a pul.

Armour - Duress is another excellent armour. There was a debate over the best armour in the Barb forum, and this came out the winner. It comes with %crushing blow, good resist and even %enhanced damage. But go CoH if resists is a problem. (I use Enigma... major strength boost, not to mention teleport)

Gloves - I recommend getting a pair of Steelrend (assuming you have CoH, you can probably afford a pair). 10%Crushing blow really helps a lot. IK gloves is a really cheap alternative. 20Dex and 20Str saves you lots of Stats points.

Boots - Use Gores, unless you plan to MF. Although Travs adds some damage and Str, Gores adds % for crushing blow, which is always excellent.

Ammy - You might want to consider using Cresent Moon Ammy. Mana leech in hell is horrible, and WW takes up a lot of mana! Also adds like leech.

Charms - Don't get skill GCs, gets +life charms. If you want to play very calculative, you will want to find the next easiest attainable FHR frame to reach, so some FHR scs with mods are good.

EDIT: I play ladder, so I don't have ebotd. I use GF, which is pretty good for PvM.
There's an excellent build guide for a v. 1.10 WW Barb in the Barbarian strategy section. Just look for the guide sticky at the top. Good luck!
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